Amber Heard VS Johnny Depp: new twist in the actor's camp

Amber Heard VS Johnny Depp: new twist in the actor’s camp

In the case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the twists follow each other and are not alike. If we thought the file was closed, Amber Heard’s call put Johnny Depp back in the arena.

To think that they had almost reached an agreement! Johnny Depp even once indicated that he was inclined to give up the $ 15 million owed to him by his ex-wifeAmerican actress Amber Heard, if she did not appeal. But now, the young woman had gone to American television to redo the match, before request cancellation of the verdict before appealing which did not fail to react to the interpreter of Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp’s lawyers “If Ms. Heard is determined to take this trial further by appealing the verdict, Mr. Depp is also filing an appeal request”

A standoff therefore begins again between the two actors and ex-husbands. Johnny Depp has indeed also appealed the decision which had largely made him victorious, even if he had been ordered to pay Amber Heard $ 2 million for defamation following the remarks of one of his former lawyers. A surprise, but ultimately not totally illogical, since this appeal and therefore this new trial could allow the actor to win this new round and only have Amber Heard convicted again.

Indeed, as she had done at the hearing, and while the judge of the court of Fairfax had dismissed this evidence as “hearsay” and not as factual elements, Amber Heard had brandished her therapist’s notebooks on television, to prove that she had spoken the truth and that Johnny Depp had really brutalized her. It is on the faith of these documents that the actress relies to form her appeal. And this is precisely what the actor wishes to thwart. “If Ms. Heard is determined to take this trial further by appealing the verdict, Mr. Depp is also filing an appeal so that all reports full and all disputes are heard by the Court of Appeal,” his lawyers told the Law and Crime Network. Would that mean that there are undisclosed elements at the first trial that are likely to come out? The suspense is at its peak.

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2/12 –

Hundreds of fans supported the actor during the trial
They will be able to resume service!

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3/12 –

Johnny Depp prepares for round 2
Not finished this resounding soap opera between the two movie stars

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4/12 –

Amber Heard still wants to fight it out
After appearing on television, the actress announced that she is appealing her conviction

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5/12 –

Johnny Depp’s lawyers, Camille Vasquez and Ben Chew, are already rolling up their sleeves
The second trial is likely to be even more scathing than the first

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6/12 –

Amber Heard almost got a deal
We remember Johnny Depp saying he didn’t want the money…if she didn’t appeal

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7/12 –

Johnny Depp started singing again, on the roads of the US and Europe
Everywhere he goes the welcome from the fans is the same, warm

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8/12 –

The trial was long and scabrous, here we go again
What will the second trial be able to reveal that has not already been said?

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9/12 –

Johnny Depp had always kept his cool at trial 1
The 2 may start to get expensive

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10/12 –

Johnny Depp acclaimed and believed by his fans
Many people have taken sides with the actor

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11/12 –

Amber Heard put a penny back in the machine on NBC’s Today show
It was from there that she decided to appeal

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12/12 –

Camille Vasquez must now prepare for the sequel
And it will still be a hell of a fight!

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