a new feature that will revolutionize the history of PlayStation?

a new feature that will revolutionize the history of PlayStation?

The PS5 Pro could revolutionize the history of PlayStation thanks to cloud gaming.

The PS5 Pro, a star even before its officialization

While the PS5 has only just celebrated its first anniversary, rumors are already swirling about the PS5 Pro. Both for its price and for its design, the console is regularly talked about and already fuels the fantasies of players.

And a new rumor should raise the expectation and the hype. This time, it almost serves as information, because it is through a patent that we learn that the PS5 Pro could bet almost everything on cloud gaming.

The PS5 Pro, a real revolution compared to the PS5?

A patent filed by Sony and spotted by Zuby_Tech indicates that the firm would work on a console with two GPUs and turned towards cloud gaming. Of course, that doesn’t mean for sure that PlayStation is working on a new machine right now, or that it’s actually the PS5 Pro. But it is impossible to completely rule out this possibility.

Especially since it would be logical to see PlayStation want to quickly position itself in the cloud gaming market so as not to be left behind by its competitors. Nintendo and especially Xbox already have a head start on the subject.

The Xbox Game Pass, which contains many little-known nuggets, already allows you to launch several games using this technology. The new PS Plus proves that Sony is not going to let it go (cloud gaming is only available with the Premium subscription). We will certainly know much more in the months to come. The price of the PS5 Pro, which could skyrocket for a home console, is already making a lot of noise.

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