Twitch facilite la vie de ZeratoR pour le ZEvent 2022

Twitch makes life easier for ZeratoR for ZEvent 2022

News hardware Twitch makes life easier for ZeratoR for ZEvent 2022

Twitch wants to encourage charity lives as much as possible. For this, the streaming platform unveils a feature that greatly facilitates the donation and management of funds by the streamer.

Facilitate donations to give more

Twitch regularly prides itself on being the go-to platform for major charity events on the internet. This is an opportunity to introduce an internal function to make donations as easy as possible directly from Twitch. Good news for the ZEvent 2022 scheduled for September.

The new function “
Twitch Charity
” allows you to directly integrate the financing of the association you want to support as a streamer. The platform promises a “just a few clicks” experience for setting up the process. The main advantage is the conversion of Bits as well as donation subscriptions. Many people subscribe to the streamer thinking the money is going to charity. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Now everything will be centralized and sent to the association.

To set up a charity stream, simply go to your dashboard, then to the “charity” tab. You then choose the cause to defend and then you add the objective to be achieved. Then just start the live!

Twitch does not take commission

Donations are automatically sent to “PayPal Giving Fund” which then manages all the logistics. Twitch does not take any commission on donations. The stats are then fed back to Twitch for live feedback of donated money. The goal is to be able to make donations as transparent as possible and make it as easy as possible for viewers to donate.

The feature is currently in beta stage. Some streamers will receive an email notifying them that their account is adding this feature. Only a few people will have access to “Twitch Charity”. The list of associations is also limited for the moment, Twitch promises to add more soon as and when.

In its question/answer category, there are some additional details on how to set up a charity stream. On the other hand, it seems to lack some useful functions. For the moment, it does not seem to be possible to put several levels to a donation goal. The system only allows one association to be added. This can be a problem for the ZEvent 2022 which will have 5 associations simultaneously.

This function still seems cut out for the event. Especially since ZeratoR often talks about the organizational complexity of fundraising. The servers that host the donations also crash at each ZEvent. Twitch potentially has more strength in its servers to absorb the mass of sudden donations.

Twitch has time by September 8 to implement other functions. It’s a safe bet that the streaming platform and ZeratoR are in communication about adding this feature. As a reminder, the last ZEvent is the event that generated the most money for an association in France on Twitch.

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