the midday master makes a big mistake in front of the Mysterious Star!

the midday master makes a big mistake in front of the Mysterious Star!

Yaël has been present since June 18 in The 12 strokes of noon. And the master of the 21st participations has just shown a little fatigue this afternoon in front of the mysterious star!

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58,100 euros in 21 participations. The course of Yael in the 12 strokes of noon is going well. The stretcher-bearer by profession, with a rather well-filled kitty, always runs behind a first Mysterious Star, who seems to want to flee from him. This July 22, the midday master has just grilled a new cartridge. Indeed, he proposed a name… which he had already tried last week. A careless error that Jean-Luc Reichmann, the host of the program, did not fail to note.

I believe you already suggested it.

Would Yaël begin to tire because of the frantic pace of the filming of the TF1 show? Qualified without difficulty during the third round called the fatal blow, the forties however did not manage to make a masterstroke. An error in the penultimate question removing a zero from his kitty, thus going from 10,000 to 1,000 euros. Worse still, facing the Mysterious Star, he made a big mistake. At the end of the count, the midday master proposed John Travolta. “I believe you already suggested it.“, Jean-Luc Reichmann was directly surprised, causing his candidate to laugh nervously.

It’s a small flaw that you have

Inevitably, there was no suspense for the end of the day’s show. The star host of the One, surprised, even indulged in a small comment towards his champion. “I think there’s a little lack of concentration on your part. It’s a small flaw that you have“, he said. In agreement with the presenter, Yaël just nodded.”My concentration…it’s terrible“. A small failure that prompted Jean-Luc Reichmann to make a comparison with his children: “I struggle with my children for the concentration at the moment T.” There is no doubt that Yael will be more careful next time, especially since the fresco is more and more revealed and the total value of this star already rises to 56,170 euros.

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