Resident Evil on Netflix: what to expect from season 2?  - News Series

Resident Evil on Netflix: what to expect from season 2? – News Series

While “Resident Evil” is a hit around the world, a season 2 is more than possible. Creator Andrew Dabb explains what he would like to see in the sequel.

A week after its release on Netflix, Resident Evil has accumulated more than 70 million hours of viewing worldwide. In France, the series rose to first place in the platform’s rankings ahead of the Stranger Things phenomenon. While, at this time, a sequel has yet to be confirmed, the success of Season 1 should prompt the streaming giant to give the go-ahead.

The man behind the series, Andrew Dabb, already has many ideas in mind. Former showrunner of Supernatural – one of the longest fictions of recent years -, the creator considers the first season of resident Evil like a simple “taste”.

And for good reason, he hopes to go even further and reach 16 seasons. “The more we delve into the story, the more we will introduce elements from the games to develop their worlds and characters.“, he explains to the media TV Line.

In Collider, the creator reveals that he would like to further explore the family history of season 1 by continuing the back and forth between the past and the present. “How people change over the years, that’s the question I’d like to ask”.

If the end of the eighth and last episode mentions Ada Wong, one of the leading characters in video games, Andrew Dabb clarifies that many other protagonists could join the party.

He cites, for example, Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield – both introduced in the films. “Those are heroines who haven’t appeared in a while, how would they react to pre-2036 events?”, he wonders in an interview for polygon. The creator would also like to insert one of the most emblematic antagonists of the franchise: Lady Dimitrescu, present in the game Resident Evil Village.

resident Evil is available on Netflix.

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