PS5 : pourquoi attendre GTA 6, son rival est dispo en précommande

PS5: why wait for GTA 6, its rival is available for pre-order

News good deal PS5: why wait for GTA 6, its rival is available for pre-order

GTA 5 was released in 2013, and will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary. However, still no new opus on the horizon. Instead of continuing to hang around, enjoy Saints Row 2022 pre-order for the PS5.

The Day One Edition of Saints Row 2022 in pre-order at E.Leclerc

While GTA 5 was released on Xbox 360 and PS3, the next installment is still pending. It is of course on the PS5 that Saints Row 2022 will be available, which takes advantage of this period of hollow and waiting for the jewel of Rockstar Games.

Pre-order Saints Row (2022) for 47€ on E.Leclerc

The perfect opportunity for the game to come out and for you to quench your thirst for GTA-like. For only €47 at E.Leclerc, the Day One edition includes the IDOLS Anarchy Pack, with a DJ helmet, a light-up beater, and the Sand Slither motorcycle. Colorful objects.

The new Saints Row on PS5, (almost) true to itself

Saints Row is finally back for August 23, 2023 and the game is already up for pre-order. Like GTA, this is the fifth part which is simply called Saints Row. The game world is anything but sober with an open world in the form of a mashup of several different inspirations with 9 districts roughly resembling the Southwest of the USA.

PS5: why wait for GTA 6, its rival is available for pre-order

We are on a very sandbox game to let off steam without the fuss. Don’t expect to play yet another GTA remake on a next-gen console. A brand new engine is used for the development of the title to take advantage of the performance of the PS5, among other things many elements of the decor are destructible.

For the story, you are named “The Boss”, leader of a newly formed gang who has the ambition to rule the city. For this, the missions will aim to unify the various criminal networks that operate there to become alone on the throne.

PS5: why wait for GTA 6, its rival is available for pre-order

We know the customization of his character on GTA, but Saints Row really pushes the idea too far, and it’s the same for the garage, which includes 80 different vehicles, and the completely crazy armory.

Of course, we are not here for realism with Saints Row. With a strong smell of testosterone, everything always goes further, but not as much as the previous opuses. If you can’t wait for GTA 6 and want a healthy dose of anything, go for it.

Pre-order Saints Row (2022) for 47€ on E.Leclerc

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