pregnant, Victoria Romanovna confides

pregnant, Victoria Romanovna confides

Victoria Romanovna and her husband Grand Duke George of Russia. Abaca

Last May, Grand Duke George of Russia and his wife announced that they were expecting their first child. Thursday July 21, Victoria Romanovna confided in her future role as a mother in the columns of Paris Match.

On her Instagram account, Victoria Romanovna shares photos of newspaper articles announcing her pregnancy, and some shots of her and her husband, Grand Duke George of Russia, revealing her round belly. Now 7 months pregnant, the princess confided in Paris Match about her future life as a mother.

She notably announced that she was expecting a baby boy. “We are delighted to carry on the dynasty. Also, this baby will be the first Romanov to be born in Russia since my husband’s grandfather, Grand Duke Vladimir, in 1917,” rejoices Victoria Romanovna. “He was born in Porvoo, which is now in Finland, but was then part of the Russian Empire.”

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A year after their marriage

The heir should be born next October, a year after the wedding of the Grand Duke and the Princess in Saint Petersburg. “There are plenty of things you can plan and organize in life – a wedding, for example – but not a baby… It happened faster than expected,” says Victoria Romanovna. The announcement of her pregnancy was made last May on the social networks of His Highness: “We waited until I could no longer hide it”. The couple’s son is expected to grow up in Moscow, Russia, where the crown prince’s family is from.

While Ukraine continues to fight against Russian troops invading their territory, Victoria Romanovna has, from the start, shown that she wants peace between the two countries the day after the first attacks, on February 25.

“Fully recognizing the independence and sovereignty of all the states that formed after the fall of the USSR, I am at the same time convinced that all peoples who historically belonged to the civilizational space of the former Russian Empire are united by the concept of homeland in the highest spiritual and cultural sense of the word,” said Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, mother of Grand Duke George, in a press release that the princess shared on her Instagram account. Since then, the royal couple has not spoken about the conflict.

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