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“On death row”: Mathieu (Love is in the meadow) seriously ill, his confidences alarming!

It is with Closer the magazine, that Mathieu, ex participant of love is in the meadow confides. Indeed, he is suffering from a disease called Cadasil. His illness changed the course of his entire life. We tell you everything here!

Love is in the meadow

Mathieu was a farmer and participated in love is in the meadow for season fifteen. Thanks to the show, Mathieu will be able to meet the one who today is her husband and accompanies him at all times. In the show, he already confides in his illness. He hadn’t hidden the fact that he was sick or what illness it was. It is a well-understood disease. Indeed, Mathieu is suffering from a rather rare pathological disease. She is genetics and hereditary. The problem with this disease is not the disease itself but more what it causes. It is shown that because of her, the violent migraines, the risks epilepsyor also the stroke were more frequent. So many problems that we could do without.

On the other hand, Mathieu did not learn of his illness because of a crisis, but because his father was ill. So he decided to get tested, along with his sister. But the results were very harsh. It testifies “It was like waiting on death row “. “My little sister was not a carrierbut me yes”. A bitter observation which has also resulted in complicated periods for the young man “For two months I did not leave my house. I made a real depression”. At the same time the prognosis is harsh “The life expectancy of my illness is 62 years, I am 44, so you do the math quickly” he told 20 Minutes.

Matthew gives the details

I am leaving for Colombia on August 31 to start a surrogacy procedure. I am a carrier of Cadasil disease, which is a rare and incurable genetic disease. The clinic that follows us detects 307 genetic diseases. Thanks to me, they added Cadasil to their screening protocol. I will thus be able avoid spreading the disease to my child, who will be born with the help of a surrogate mother after in vitro fertilization” Mathieu told Closer. He also adds “I have soon to be 47 years old and, in theory, the life expectancy of Cadasil patients is 62 years. I suffer from bipolarity. I have a one in three risk of having a stroke from the age of 45 and a one in six chance that it will happen at night”.

In the end, his illness, although tragic, pushed him to make decisions that Mathieu would never have made. Indeed, seeing the little time he could have left, he testifies that “I chose to live with the disease and no longer suffer from it” but also “Farms are a lot of stress”Syears Cadasil, I would not have never dared to live so fully. Paradoxically, my illness is the source of the greatest happiness in my life”. A great lesson from courage and D‘want to live that Mathieu transmits to us.

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