Michèle Laroque

Michèle Laroque disturbed by the frightening attempted kidnapping she suffered, “It awakens trauma”

Actress, director, screenwriter and humorist, we can easily say that Michèle Laroque has several strings to its bow. Moreover, recently, the 62-year-old woman was promoting the film “Happy Retirement 2” by Fabrice Bracq. The opportunity for the star to give an interview to the newspaper Le Parisien. During this interview, the mother of Oriane Deschamps evoked a traumatic memory.

Michèle Laroque, a versatile woman

Michèle Laroque is no longer to be presented since the actress has the heyday of French cinema. And not only the cinema for that matter! In real jack-of-all-trades, the native of Nice has tried her hand at many artistic fields. In addition to her talent as an actress, the mother of the family is also a screenwriter and director.

Also a producer, Michèle Laroque even had a musical career. You will understand, she is talented in almost everything she does. Moreover, this incredible versatility can be seen in the roles she plays on screen. If the sexagenarian can play any role, we often see her in humor and comedy.

Michèle Laroque: a very busy schedule

Since the start of the health crisis in 2020, cultural and sports activities have had to be temporarily stopped. Michèle Laroque was obviously one of the victims of this forced break, because she was not on any project. Like most other actors in the industry.

However, things have changed, as movie theaters have reopened. Moreover, this year, Michèle Laroque’s diary is damn busy. Indeed, until then, she is showing at least 4 films. The most recent was released in theaters on July 20, 2022. It is “Happy retirement 2”, directed by Fabrice Bracq.

Thus, the least we can say is that everything seems to be going well for Michèle Laroque. Despite her success, the actress is plagued with problems like the rest of us. For example, did you know that she had traumas that haunt her since his young years? Read the rest of the article.

Michèle Laroque victim of kidnapping?

Wednesday, July 20, 2022, for the release of “Joyeuse retirement 2”, Michèle Laroque grants an interview with the Parisian. An opportunity for the star of the big screen to reveal details about his life. In particular, she spoke about the current conflict in Europe against the backdrop his childhood and his Romanian origins.

“My mother did not think that, in her life, she would experience the invasion of another country (…) Even if the situation is different, it is like a step back. »

According to him, this kind of conflict “awakens traumas”. And when it comes to trauma, Michèle Laroque knows a lot about it. In fact, when she was little, she experienced an event that would have traumatized anyone.

As a reminder, at the time, she was with her father, in Romania. They were there to say goodbye to his dying grandfather. You should know that Michèle Laroque draws her Romanian roots from her mother, the dancer Doina Trandabur. Moreover, in search of the latter, the local secret services kidnap his daughter.

“My mother was cut off from her family for many years, she couldn’t see her father again before his death. Me, I went to Romania to meet my grandfather and at the age of 7, I was almost kidnapped by the Securitate (Romanian secret political police during the communist era)… This family history is automatically present in me,” said she recounted.

An episode that traumatized her

It goes without saying that this is not the kind of memory that is fun to remember. Michèle Laroque even reveals that this episode of her life marked her a lot. Still speaking of this memory, the comedian and director says:

“It’s a child’s worst nightmare, isn’t it?” To have someone come in through the window in the middle of the night. And I got this. I immediately screamed and suddenly he hesitated and left. I think it was such a trauma that I hid it a little. But I know that each time I signed for a play, I was very anxious when not at all for a film. Because in fact, you could know where I was every day. »

Today, Michèle seems to be moved on. However, she will probably never forget this traumatic event.

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