Marie Trintignant

Marie Trintignant killed by Bertrand Cantat: this confusing SMS that she sent to her mother before her death!

Marie Trintignant is an actress whose cback as an actress started very early. Indeed, she became successful during the 1990s, in particular thanks to her performance in the film A Women’s Affair. However, once she returned home, life was not the same. Actress Marie Trintignant remains in a coma after being beaten by her companion, Bertrand Cantat, the singer of the group Noir Désir. She was therefore repatriated to France in a state of brain death. She is unfortunately died on Friday 1er August 2003.

The circumstances of the death of Marie Trintignant

M6 broadcast a documentary on November 24, 2019, concerning the death of the young actress. In this report, they broadcast certain images of the interrogation of his companion, Bertrand Cantat. This report is part of the International Day for the Elimination of violence against women, November 25. The images shown return to the circumstances of the death of the actress on August 1, 2003. Despite the fact that Bertrand Cantat pleads the accident, the story is terrible. According to him, it was just an argument that led to a fight.

On August 1, 2003, Marie Trintignant succumbed to cerebral edema caused by the blows of her husband, Bertrand Cantat. Only a few days before her death, the actress sent a disturbing text message to his mother, Nadine Trintignant. One evening in July 2003, the lives of Jean-Louis and Nadine Trintignant were turned upside down. That day, the director was in Lithuania where his daughter Marie Trintignant was shooting the TV movie Colette, A Free Woman. He then learns that his daughter has been taken to the hospital. And a few days later, the actress, on whom there are “twenty traces of blows”, dies following cerebral edema. A tragedy from which Nadine Trintignant never recovered, as she explains in the documentary entitled: Marie Trintignant, your broken dreams.

The actress had changed under the influence of her husband

Particularly close to her daughter, she says she didn’t “understand anything” about what she was going through. Even if she was perfectly aware that her daughter’s relationship with Bertrand Cantat was deteriorating. “I had noticed that she was getting sadder and sadder. She was changing under the influence of this man,” exclaims his mother. However, there remained “inconceivable that there is a serious problem”.

His mother therefore did not see too worrying a change in view of this relationship. Unfortunately, when she noticed it, it was already far too late. His daughter died on August 1, 2003 following the blows inflicted by his companion.

Marie Trintignant’s disturbing SMS to her mother Nadine

A fortnight before her death, Marie Trintignant sent a very disturbing SMS. A message in which, after quoting a verse from Baudelaire, she greeted “Your beaten girl”. Nadine Trintignant admitted that she did not seem alerted by the message of his daughter. “I didn’t think for a second that Marie could be beaten”. She then states that “Reports were often humorous”.

Today, Nadine explains that she will never be able to forgive her daughter’s killer. Indeed, Nadine Trintignant affirms that she feels only hatred, “a destructive feeling”, towards Bertrand Cantat, thatshe gladly describes as an assassin. She says with certainty: There is no question for me of forgiving him (…) True forgiveness is forgetting what you have been wronged. I’ll never forget, I can’t, so I’ll never forgive “.

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