Lidl: an essential flagship product is making a comeback in the supermarket!

Lidl does not just release products that are quickly out of stock as they are popular. When the brand is aware that consumers love its products, it brings them out again. It’s simple: it allows him to retain new customers who are tempted by very positive word-of-mouth. Today, a flagship product that you have already heard of is making a comeback!

Lidl’s drill-driver available on the shelves again

On Instagram, the Lidl France account announced the great news. ” You’ve been waiting for it, it’s back! The #Parkside cordless drill-driver* is back with its set of 73 accessories and its carrying case. An essential for successful work this Thursday in the supermarket!“. The brand is aware that DIY fans have been waiting for the release of this product for many weeks. It must be said that it was quickly out of stock everywhere.

And for good reason, a quality screwdriver-drill at this price is unheard of. The product is offered for only 89.99 euros. It is guaranteed for three years and is available in Lidl stores… for the first arrivals anyway. Indeed, we would not be surprised to see this essential tool go very quickly, like the previous times it was put on the shelves.

Prepare your autumn thanks to Lidl!

This is not the only product that will appeal to lovers of crafts and DIY. Lidl knows that there are many of you and has therefore pulled out all the stops for you. One thinks for example of the pressure cleaner put on sale by the German brand. Hold on tight. This cleaner is available for only 49.99 euros. It is particularly useful in autumn, the time of year when fungi, molds or plant moss generally settle. Thanks to this cleaner, all surfaces are smooth in a few minutes. If you have a terrace or an exterior, it is essential.

Indeed, the cleaner can be used perfectly both on the walls, on the floors, and for garden furniture. In addition, you can easily carry out the maintenance of exterior stairs. The chores will be over. You will take real pleasure in using this device which saves you a lot of time.

How did the sign become stylish and adored by all?

Lidl’s image change happened slowly, over a few years. Today, not only does everyone know the German brand, but everyone loves its products. However, this has not always been the case. A few years ago, Lidl dragged a lackluster image generally stuck to discount brands. It is then considered that these brands are no match for Carrefour, Intermarché, or Auchan. The French think that inexpensive products are less good (for food) and less effective (for others). But Lidl has broken this image. Thanks to new stores, more modern, but which still offer discounted prices. And above all, thanks to the crisis, which is pushing many consumers to go to Lidl to save money. They then realize that they have been wrong all this time.

But the big marketing coup is that of Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Lidl’s multifunction kitchen robot. With this robot, the brand convinced the most reluctant that it could offer top-of-the-range products, without the prices being prohibitive. Before the German brand, only a small part of the population could afford this product reserved for a niche. Thanks to Lidl, everyone can have one at home.

Since then, Lidl has enjoyed a flattering reputation. Consumers eagerly await new releases. And the brand pleases everyone with beauty products, household cleaning products, fans, clothing, kitchen products… To stay in the game, Lidl must continue on this path.

And it’s not the current inflation that will prevent him from continuing to win customers. Especially since it currently offers, for all those who have the loyalty card available on Lidl Plus, a 5% reduction on your purchases. Not to mention all the other coupons available that feature promotions.

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