Johnny Depp responds to ex-wife Amber Heard's plea for appeal

Johnny Depp responds to ex-wife Amber Heard’s plea for appeal

To those who hoped that the court soap opera Amber Heard v. Johnny Depp is finished: too bad. Almost two months after the actor’s victory in Pirates of the Caribbeanhis ex-wife has officially filed her appeal request and the two stars have relaunched their media war machine.

Johnny Depp immediately replied, with a press release written by his lawyers.

“The jury listened to the extensive evidence presented over the course of the six-week trial and returned a clear and unanimous verdict that the defendant herself defamed Mr. Depp, on multiple occasions. We remain confident in our case and believe this verdict will stand,” they said, via Deadline.

Once again

star’s agentAquaman had, in parallel with the appeal request, sent a press release to the American press, explaining the strategy of his client’s lawyers for the rest of the procedure. “We believe the court made errors that prevented a just and fair First Amendment-compliant verdict. We therefore appeal the verdict. We realize today’s filing will light the bonfires on Twitter, but there are steps we must take to ensure both fairness and justice,” it read.

The actress must deposit in an account 8.3 million dollars (the amount of her conviction, less the sum to which Johnny Depp was condemned) so that the request for appeal is studied officially by justice. However, she does not need to pay this sum immediately: barely 500 dollars are required to start the procedure.

The appeal is therefore officially requested by his camp, but the announcement of a new trial is still far away. It remains to be seen whether Amber Heard will find this sum by September 4, the deadline to complete her file. The actress still claimed last month to be totally unable to settle it.

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