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Jérémy Frérot and Laure Manaudou forced to leave their family home!

At present, the catastrophic fire that is ravaging the regions of Gironde is still not under control! In the meantime, many have had to leave their homes due to the gravity of the situation! Laure Manaudou’s companion, Jérémy Frérot, also confided in the incident to the Parisian. Because of the flames and the smoke, the two lovebirds were evacuated urgently! Find more details in the following lines!

Laure Manaudou and Jérémy Frérot: victims of the fire which strikes the Gironde

Firefighters are doing their best to stop the fire from spreading. However, it turns out that the fire that is currently ravaging the Gironde is really big! The French were moved by this tragedy, but also celebrities. Jérémy Frérot and his companion, Laure Manaudou are also victims!

As of this writing, the fire has already burned nearly 20,000 hectares of land. A heaviest disaster that continues to leave remarkable damage. Faced with the situation, many stars have obviously shown their support! This is particularly the case of Pascal Obispo who wrote comforting lines via his Instagram page.

In addition, the man also wanted to thank the firefighters for their work which is not the easiest for the moment! Laure Manaudou and Jérémy Frérot meanwhile, have literally suffered.

These celebrities are showing their support for the incident!

Julien Courbet had recently reacted to the fire! The latter also said he was terrified by the event, especially by the smells. Bixente Lizarazu, meanwhile, shared his support in the Sud Ouest newspaper on July 19.

Having acquaintances who were evacuated, he wanted to show his support to all concerned. “I can look away from this disaster,” he said!

Support that should be particularly attributed to Jérémy Frérot and Laure Manaudou. Indeed, know that they are among the people who have suffered the most consequences. It is with great sadness that the couple left their accommodation following the spread of the fires! A move that turned out to be difficult since the man’s family had settled there for several generations.

Jérémy Frérot and Laure Manaudou leave their house for “fear of becoming intoxicated”

For fear of becoming intoxicated, Jérémy Frérot and Laure Manaudou decided to abandon their accommodation. The day before they leave, the fire is just a stone’s throw from infiltrating their home! “I saw the flames of the forest, it grew bigger and that night, we had to evacuatethere was too much smoke,” he said.

This night was particularly difficult for the family. Moreover, it was almost impossible to fall asleep with the fumes that spread in their room. “We were afraid of getting intoxicated and never waking up,” said Laure Manaudou’s husband.

Without further ado, the family chose to leave their home, taking their children with them. It was moreover the best decision to make. Fans therefore hope that they are safe where they are now!

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