Guerrilla: Horizon Zero Dawn's studio closes two of its flagship games

Guerrilla: Horizon Zero Dawn’s studio closes two of its flagship games

Game News Guerrilla: Horizon Zero Dawn’s studio closes two of its flagship games

Guerrilla Games announces that it is closing the servers of three of its games, including two from the famous Killzone franchise.

The studio Guerrilla Games is mostly known in recent years for the games Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. We just learned that he was going shut down the servers of three of his games.

Two games Killzone and RIGS close their servers

From August 12, Guerrilla Games will close the servers of three of its games : Killzone Mercenaryreleased in 2013 on PlayStation Vita; Killzone Shadow Fall, released in 2013 on PlayStation 4; and RIGS: Mechanized Combat Leaguereleased for PlayStation VR in 2016. Killzone franchise was the flagship license from Guerrilla to the release of Horizon Zero Dawn. Already last year, when the official Killzone site closed, we felt that the franchise was about to be phased out. It seems his time has come.

The end of the Killzone franchise?

We do not yet know ifother games in the Killzone franchise are planned by Guerrilla Games. For example, we know that Simon Larouche, who worked on Rainbow Six Siege and Killzone 2 multiplayer, works for Guerrilla Games. on a new multiplayer game. But we have no exact idea of ​​the type of game it will be, or which franchise it will come from. Note also that Guerrilla Games is currently working on a new Horizon game, coming to PlayStation VRbaptized Horizon Call of the Mountain.

The Killzone Mercenary, Killzone Shadow Fall, and RIGS: Mechanized Combat League servers will shut down on August 12.

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