Gears 6: A development in full acceleration for the exclusivity of Microsoft?

Gears 6: A development in full acceleration for the exclusivity of Microsoft?

Game News Gears 6: A development in full acceleration for the exclusivity of Microsoft?

We no longer present the Gears of War saga, the success of which has been inexhaustible since the first opus released in 2006. Now owned by Microsoft since 2014, it is The Coalition studio which is in charge of continuing to develop the franchise, including a sixth episode. would indeed be under development. Everything will obviously be mentioned in the conditional… Get out the tweezers!

A new clue that leaves little room for doubt

Gears 5 (the license having been renamed as such since this fifth episode) was released in September 2019 and seduced players by offering one of the best campaigns in the series, as evidenced by our test here. And if Microsoft has not yet communicated anything officially about the future of Gears, in view of such success, it is legitimate to think that a sixth opus would be in development.
All the more so if we take a look at the job offers available on the portal “Careers” from Microsoft. Indeed, it seems that the studio wants to accelerate the development around the single-player campaign by looking for a “Lead Mission Designerwhich can be translated as main mission designer in French.

The Coalition is looking for an inspiring and highly motivated Lead Mission Designer with a proven track record of creating highly engaging, high-quality campaign experiences in games. In this role, you will work with the Campaign Director and Level Design team to design the campaign experience, pacing, rewards, and surrounding features.

Gears but not only…

Let’s take this opportunity to remind you that last May, another recruitment announcement had caught our attention and prompted a first questioning around an ongoing development around the Gears saga. In effect, the studio was looking for a technician specialized in motion captureunder the quite significant wording: “Motion Capture Technician – Gears of War – The Coalition“. In addition, The Coalition is a development studio owned by Microsoft but which above all represents the official home of the Gears of War franchise whose objective is to “shaping the future of intellectual property“.

However, it should be kept in mind that some rumors also suggest that the Canadian team would work in parallel on other intellectual properties than Gearsespecially since Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg has claimed that other as yet unannounced projects were also in the studio’s pipeline. It only remains to wait for an official communication from Microsoft to lift the veil on the question.

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