Four complaints for stings and 1,900 sores recorded during the festival

Four complaints for stings and 1,900 sores recorded during the festival

Weeks pass and the mystery continues. In Carhaix, 34 cases of suspected bites were recorded by Civil Protection teams mobilized to ensure the safety of festival-goers present for the Vieilles Charrues. According to the Finistère prefecture, four people have filed a complaint for stings which they allegedly suffered during the 30th edition of the largest festival in France.

A figure to put into perspective the number of people on the Kerampuilh meadow, in Carhaix. After two truncated years, the Plows welcomed 280,000 people in four days. In mid-June, more than 800 complaints had already been filed in France for injections. Without any substance being found in the victims. Several investigations have been opened and the investigations are continuing under the supervision of a magistrate.

Some major popular events have set up outposts to control these mysterious stings, such as the Bayonne festivals, which are held from July 27 to 31. “There is a real psychosis that leads everyone to say anything on social networks. This fear is irrational and is not, here, corroborated by concrete factual elements ”, relativized the public prosecutor of Bayonne, Jérôme Bourrier.

Some hospital evacuations

Beyond these few suspected stings, the 30th edition of the Vieilles Charrues took place in a serene atmosphere. The Finistère prefecture even praised “the remarkable fluidity of the collaboration between the various partners”. In four days when the heat was sometimes scorching, the Civil Protection identified 1,900 interventions “mainly for light traumatology such as sprains and strains”, said the organizers. A total of 132 people were evacuated to hospital.

For four days, festival-goers enjoyed remarkable performances by Stromae, Angèle, Clara Luciani, Vianney and even Orelsan and the Australians from Midnight Oil.

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