Eva Darlan victim of incest: her chilling story about her father and brothers

Eva Darlan victim of incest: her chilling story about her father and brothers

This Thursday, July 21, the France 3 channel will broadcast the last three episodes of the mini-series Meetings with Laetitia Milot and Loup-Denis Elion. An exciting program, in which Eva Darlan also plays a role. The latter is an essential figure of television, cinema but also theater. We could see her in many successes like finally widowed with Michele Laroque, take care of your right by Jean-Luc Godard, the series Palace… The 73-year-old actress has a very nice career.

A success that does not erase the wounds of the past. Because the life of Eva Darlan has not always been rosy. Especially during his childhood. Truths kept secret for too long, which she finally decided to bring to light in 2013 through a book entitled Raw and naked. Chilling revelations, which surface from the first chapter, when she evokes the relationship that her father had with her body as a little girl.

My father sexualized me and since my childhood commented on my body. (…) He was an Auvergne peasant, a domestic tyrant“, could we read in the columns France Sunday. She also mentionsthose touches that he claimed were hugs”.“‘Come on my knees, come put your hands there, between my thighs’… I didn’t want to. And incestual relations become incestuousshe added. A chilling tale.

“I’m afraid of men”

Her two brothers also abused her. “I understood why they could never look me in the eye…Every night I saw two scary characters, two very mean men. (…) I spent all my nights above my body (…) watching what was happening below“, testified the actress.

Traumas that logically led her to be wary of men thereafter. But unfortunately, the violence continued. “Basically, I’m afraid (of men). my first husband (Lino Messina, editor’s note) stole all my money. When I was at the bottom, I met the white knight. The day after the wedding, he no longer spoke to me and turned out to be a narcissistic pervert. He cheated on me outrageously and ended up hitting me. In fact, I’ve never been loved“.

Fortunately, she can count on her two daughters Lou and Eugénie to see the glass half full and move forward. “The most beautiful moments of my life, I knew them with my daughters” she previously said.

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