Death of Sacha Distel: His sons Laurent and Julien return to his terrible end of life

Death of Sacha Distel: His sons Laurent and Julien return to his terrible end of life

Sacha Distel died 18 years ago to the day from colon cancer. The famous interpreter of “La belle vie”, will have known glory as a singer and guitarist in the 60s. He will also have lived beautiful romantic stories with Juliette Gréco, Brigitte Bardot or even Jeanne Moreau, before finding love and start a family with Francine Bréaud, ex-ski champion.

On the other hand, his health will often have played tricks on him. “He had thyroid cancer in the mid-1970s, followed byvocal cord surgery. For a singer it was hard “revealed his son Julien in November 2021 in the columns ofParis herecame to testify to the health concerns of his father with his brother Laurent.

“He had a melanoma of the skin, the healing percentage of which is only 2%. Idid chemo, and got away with it. Then doctors diagnosed him with colon cancer, too late“adds Julien. This last pathology will unfortunately have been fatal to the artist.

“We are optimistic”

His two children also told the magazine that they had inherited certain personality traits from their dad, visible in their daily lives. “We are optimisticit also comes from our mother! Sacha was very sensitive but knew how to say things. Me too. And I want to be able to ask myself the day I’m going to leave: “Did I have the good life?” I have a very pleasant life, I had a happy childhood, I move forward, life is short !” they explained.

The two brothers did not have the same life course. Laurent revealed that he learned mechanics from a car tuner, before working for Paris-Dakar (rally racing, editor’s note) and in the research and development team for the 905 program including Le Mans. For his part, Julien, after having worked in sports sponsorship, went into real estate, and more specifically into the rental of luxury chalets and apartments.

None of them will therefore have inherited the artistic fiber of their dad… But as the proverb says so well: “It takes everything to make a world“!

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