Ben Harper considers the United States "toxic" and wants to settle in France

Ben Harper considers the United States “toxic” and wants to settle in France

UNITED STATES – “It’s very depressing, monumental sadness, I don’t really like to talk about it.” Singer Ben Harper confides in the columns of Release this Friday, July 22 that he made the decision to leave his country of birth marked by “racism, weapons” and the recent “backlash” on the right to abortion.

“I’m giving my last concert in August and after that I won’t come back”, says the 52-year-old artist, winner of three Grammy Awards who has just released his seventeenth album Bloodline Maintenance. About the genesis of this opus, Ben Harper said in a note: “It was like I was gaining new momentum and venturing to places I had never been before.” Here he is before another new impetus.

“I can no longer return to the United States. This country is going backwards, it is no longer possible”, he assures Release. “The decision to reverse the right to abortion is a step backwards. There’s that, there’s racism, there’s guns… It all just got too toxic for me.” Despite his “well-established roots” in California, “it’s time to leave,” said Ben Harper.

And it is in France that he wishes to settle down and restart his life with his family, “perhaps in Toulouse, in Bordeaux, or here in Paris”. A country to which he is particularly attached since he made his debut on stage at the Transmusicales in Rennes in 1993 – the second concert of his career – before experiencing great popularity. “And that, I still can’t explain it, he laughs. There are musical genres that resonate more deeply here. Besides, one of the few conversations I had with Jeff Buckley concerned France, because his music worked very well here at the same time as mine. We were both amazed.”

Since the repeal of the constitutional right to abortion by the US Supreme Court on June 25, nearly twenty states have banned or are in the process of banning the right to abortion of their citizens. Before Ben Harper, other American personalities had expressed their desire to leave the country of Joe Biden, such as actress and producer Taraji P. Henson.

In an interview at Worldthe actress and figure in the fight for women’s rights Jane Fonda assured, conversely, that she did not want ” [se] set back” but “fight” from the United States.

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