Ben Affleck married to Jennifer Lopez: hot kisses in front of his daughter Violet, lookalike of his mother at 16

Ben Affleck married to Jennifer Lopez: hot kisses in front of his daughter Violet, lookalike of his mother at 16

It is a wedding that has made more than one fan dream. On July 16, 2022, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married in Las Vegas. Eighteen years after their first engagement was called off, the marriage has finally been confirmed in official court papers released by TMZ and the Daily Mail. At 52, J.Lo thus became Jennifer Lopez, like another before her: Jennifer Garner, ex-wife of the actor. And while Ben Affleck took his new wife to Paris, for their honeymoon, a lookalike of his ex was present at their side.

Indeed, the newlyweds were seen at Le Matignon restaurant with one of Ben Affleck’s daughters, Violet – they also had a son, Samuel (10 years old). The eldest of the fruits of his love with Jennifer Garner has grown well and looks exactly like the heroine ofA.k.a. At 16, the one who surpasses her mother would not have been present at her father’s second union. But if some claimed it was because Seraphina’s 13-year-old big sister was “extremely loyal to her mother”, it would seem that these were only false rumors since she was at their side on the occasion of their honeymoon.

Trip to Paris for his eldest Violet

At Le Matignon restaurant, in the Parisian golden triangle, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez even let themselves go for a few passionate kisses in front of the teenager. And between Violet and the mother of two children, Emme and Max, the current seems to have gone rather well, as proof of the discussions and smiles that they seemed to exchange during this evening. To please his eldest, Ben Affleck probably decided to take her with them to make her enjoy the magic of Paris.

Back at the hotel with his wife, the actor and director was caught smoking a cigarette. About their relationship, Jennifer Lopez welcomed this happiness found with People : “I feel so lucky, happy and proud to be with him. It’s a wonderful love story to have had a second chance.” “I’m so proud of him, of the man he has become. (…) Seeing the person, human being, man, father and partner he is today – he is so much everything I knew he was and wanted to be“, she let know.

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