after grilling him, his humiliated wife dumps him without batting an eyelid!

after grilling him, his humiliated wife dumps him without batting an eyelid!

At 75, Michel Sardou is a happy man. For several years, he has been a united couple with the ex-journalist, Anne-Marie Périer. Complementary and fusional, the lovebirds have obviously found themselves well. “She takes care of everything, because she has an intelligence that I love. She is critical in a good way and she takes things slowly. She knew how to tame the beast. confided the singer for Paris Match.

But before her, Michel Sardou was in a relationship with Elisabeth Haas. From their union were born Romain (1974) and Davy (1978). But in 1998, the couple separated to everyone’s surprise. Obviously, the artist’s infidelities got the better of their marriage. “I could have been much more serious when I got married, been a more honest man”, conceded the main interested party against Mireille Dumas in 2015.

“It was easy… It wasn’t DSK, huh!”

Facing the camera, the interpreter of “I will love you” had lifted the veil on his many conquests. “That is to say, do not cheat on my wife, we are not going to beat around the bush! I had adventures on the right, adventures on the left. It was easy… It wasn’t DSK, huh! But it was the 1980s, the girls were there,” explained Michel Sardou in complete transparency.

If his ex-wife has – for a time – taken on her, the latter ended up slamming the door. “Morality: she was fed up and I understand her oh so much, and outside! So there ! That’s stupid, I regret that… And then at the same time I don’t regret it since now I’m with Anne-Marie “, thus concluded the sidekick of Patrick Balkany. Before marrying the sister of Christine Haas, the actor also shared the life of Françoise Pettré who gave him two daughters: Sandrine (1970) and Cynthia (1973)… About him, Michel Sardou said nothing!


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