Xbox: a patch to try to stem the "blank home screen" |  XboxOne

Xbox: a patch to try to stem the “blank home screen” | XboxOne

Eden Marie has struck again! The very active engineer from Xbox spoke on her personal Twitter account to discuss a recurring concern encountered by some users of Microsoft consoles: starting on an empty home screen. A solution would have been found.

Problem solved ?

We believe we have identified and implemented a service change that will resolve the issue where a console boots to a blank home screen/quick tips tile. Due to where the change is applied and when the issue occurs, you may need to reboot twice to be sure you get it.

1) This is a service settings fix, not a system update.

2) This is the issue that a subset of users were having on startup: the splash screen never recovers and my games and apps keep running.

If you still see this problem after rebooting twice, please let me know.

Computer tools can be capricious and home consoles are no exception. It even happens to some Xbox players to turn on their console to a strange blank screen, preventing access to the library of owned titles or exploring the menu. Xbox engineers would have found a solution.

Rather uncommonly, a patch has been deployed via Microsoft servers. No need to try to update your console, it is useless. Instead of a download, Xbox worked on the problem at the source and asks affected users to restart the console twice.

Eden Marie invites us to report any malfunction directly to her during this manipulation. The Xbox engineer gained popularity after personally taking charge of optimizing Xbox 360 gamerpics last summer and is still available to the community. There is no doubt that she will be able, accompanied by her team, to definitively resolve this “empty home screen” problem.

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