Resident Evil sur Netflix : pourquoi la série divise les fans de zombie ?

why the series divides zombie fans?

The series that is making the buzz this summer on Netflix is ​​undoubtedly Resident Evil. While some fans loved it, others hated it. But why ?

Since July 14, 2022, Netflix has made its new Resident Evil production available on its platform. Consisting of episodes of 46 to 63 minutes each, this series was a huge success for the directors. It brings together well-known actors who have earned it favorable reviews.

Resident Evil: the new Netflix series

Resident Evil is a television series that represents the second adaptation of the Japanese saga of the same name from the Capcom company.. Even if there are some points of resemblance, it develops in an independent world which has absolutely nothing to do with the other imitations.

Alternating two different times, Resident Evil mainly traces the story of the two adopted daughters of Albert Wesker, Jade and Billie Wesker. After the films inspired by the Japanese saga, Resident Evil is the 8e live action shooting inspired by games. Find the trailer below.

Some reviews to understand why the series divides fans

A few days after the release of the series, the website Rotten Tomatoes reveals that Resident Evil had a 49% approval percentage. Based on a total of 37 reviews, it gives a rating of 5.8/10. He also reports that the series could soon rank among the most popular video game adaptations.

For its part, the site Metacritic is based on a total of 16 reviews to assign a rating of 53/100 in the first season of the series. It indicates that the reviews are mixed and average and that the audience reaction is negative. However, the pressa media site announces bright days for the future of the series.

To better understand the mixed reviews, Allociné brings us some press reviews. This review summarizes the arguments well with some satisfying aspects and others very deceptive or even annoying:

Resident Evil is not reinventing the genre of survival with zombies. The series juggles too many plots without focusing on a single vision and there are lengths that make certain passages boring. Fans of the franchise will find some sweet moments amidst this doomsday tale, however, which features action and a variety of bloodthirsty monsters. Actor Lance Reddick (Albert Wesker) gives a dynamic performance but his absence is felt when he disappears from the screen. »

The review of a fan who liked…

The criticism of a fan who hated!

And you, did you like it or not?

Synopsis of the series

The zombie series begins in 2022, twenty years after the US government destroyed the fictional town of Raccoon city. Twin sisters Billie and Jade Wesker, 14 years old, settle with their father in New Raccoon city. The place is designed by the multinational Umbrella Corporation and based in South Africa.

This expert pharmacy company, having been the victim of numerous scandals in previous years, finds itself in a deficit of images. Its director, Evelyn Marcus, daughter of James Marcus, co-founder of the company, then set herself the goal of reviving the company.

Albert Wesker is chosen by the multinational to work within the company in order to control a biological weapon dubbed the T virus. During his years of service, his daughters Billie and Jade discover the most hidden secrets of the city of Raccoon city and the umbrella company.

Several years later, the T virus destroys the world and restricts humanity to 300 million refugees. This population is surrounded by more than 6 billion zombies who have contracted the T virus. All hopes are placed on Umbrella which is the only company in the world which has a considerable army to face its monsters.

resident evil netflix umbrella

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Production and casting

The Resident Evil series brings together big names from the world of American cinema.

Who are the people behind Resident Evil?

The project to create a Resident Evil adaptation series has been entrusted to American writer and screenwriter Andrew Dabb. The latter, known for having worked on Supernatural, thus has the heavy task of offering moviegoers a unique show.

Indeed, adapting the Japanese saga Resident Evil in series is not an easy thing because of the scenarios. Behind the screens are Canadian director Bronwen Hughes and executive producer Jeffrey Howard. Very dynamic, the team released the first trailer for the series in May 2022.

In the same month, screenwriter Andrew Dabbs reveals that not all the adventures of the saga are hidden. He specifies that they even served as the basis for designing the series.

resident evil netflix series poster

The cast of the series

In the casting we have the famous actor Lance Reddick in the character of Albert Wesker while Paula Núñez plays the role of Evelyn Marcus. Before she got this role, she had signed on to play Carol, Albert Wesker’s assistant.

The twins Jades and Billie Wesker are respectively played by Ella Balinska and Adeline Rudolph. For the rest, among the actors who have a recurring role, we can cite:

  • Conor Gosatti who plays Simon Marcus;
  • Turlough Convery who played Richard Baxter;
  • Ella Zieglmeier as Bea Batra-Wesker
  • Pedro de Tavira Egurrola who plays Angel Rubi.
resident evil netflix teen actresses

note that Siena Agudong and Tamara Smart have been cast as Billie and Young Jade respectively.. Filming for the first season of the series was done in South Africa from February 2021 to June 2021.

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