the surprising confidences of Chantal Lauby on their story!

the surprising confidences of Chantal Lauby on their story!

In recent years, Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby have had the opportunity to create a ” strong complicity in front of the cameras. To this day, the two actors are even considered a real couple in the cinema. More united than ever, the duo does not let go of a sole. A beautiful friendship that has become dear to the heart of the 74-year-old actress who confided recently, in the columns of the magazine Intimacy, on this particular bond which unites her to her colleague. ” Like an old couple, we quickly find our habits. He has a nervous but also very nice side and she has an annoying tendency to watch everything he says. “, thus explained the mother of Jennifer Ayache, evoking the couple of the film” What did we do to God? », Claude and Marie Verneuil.

“You never really get bored”

In this, this couple is like many others. Besides, I often draw inspiration from people I know, especially women who, as they age, become very maternal with their husbands and behave like nurses or schoolteachers. “added the actress. For her, finding Christian Clavier on set is a “ immense pleasure “. With her stage partner, Chantal Lauby also has the impression of living a very close relationship. ” As in couples, it obviously happens that habits are created but it only takes small things to break them. Each man and each woman has their own way of waking the other up when the couple falls asleep or sinks into a routine. With actors, it’s the same; and even if we play roles, we know how to amuse our partner. This often involves surprise, created by an intonation, a gesture or a retort said differently. But with Christian Clavier, you never really get bored because the idea is always to have fun! “Touching confidences.


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