The Last of Us Part 1: the controversy around the PS5 remake swells again with a new leak

The Last of Us Part 1: the controversy around the PS5 remake swells again with a new leak

Game News The Last of Us Part 1: the controversy around the PS5 remake swells again with a new leak

Just yesterday, The Last of Us Part I was the center of a massive leak with several images and even a video: the leaker also claimed that the gameplay would not be improved, contrary to what the public hoped. Today, a new screenshot revealed before the hour seems to corroborate this information.

Halfway between good and bad buzz

Announced with great fanfare at the very start of Summer Game Fest, The Last of Us Part I continues to divide audiences. On the one hand, those delighted to find the cult game of 2013 under the best auspices and on the other, those who still do not understand the point of redoing such a recent title to sell it at a high price.

For its part, Naughty Dog justifies the redesign by special attention to technique: everything has been redone from scratch. The emotions are even more poignant, the audio has been tweaked, the artificial intelligence honed, and the overall experience seems devilishly close to that of The Last of Us Part II.

But what about gameplay? The Californian studio announced modernized gameplay: “effects, exploration and combat” have been “improved”, said Neil Druckmann on stage during the reveal. Except that yesterday, during the leak that you can find at this address, the leaker claimed loud and clear that the improvements only concerned animations and audio, but not the actual gameplay. A real snag for many.

The Last of Us Part 1: the controversy around the PS5 remake swells again with a new leak

No dodging on the program?

The leaks seem to continue today, again from a mysterious source. Like those of yesterday, the images provided are in low resolution and are obviously to be taken with a grain of salt – some will actually say that lowering the definition of a screenshot yourself is not the most complicated.

In short, the image that is controversial today concerns a representation of the controls of The Last of Us Part I. We can see the DualSense, the PlayStation 5 controller, with the assignment of the different movements and actions to the different keys . The problem, it is that dodging and being able to crawl are absent, yet elementary mechanics in the second game, released in 2020.

What irritate many players who do not see there a modernization of gameplay at all. Others look for scriptwriting justification, such as the fact that Joel is not as young and flexible as Ellie and that these actions would then seem incongruous for the character. Everyone will see noon on their doorstep.

Additionally, another supposedly leaked gameplay footage has recently emerged: this one shows our protagonist in the middle of a fight but, indeed, without any dodging or slipping on his stomach. However, we must question the veracity of the video, purely as a precautionary measure and also because it is difficult to appreciate it correctly, again because of the low resolution.

The Last of Us Part I will be released on September 2 on PlayStation 5. A PC version is planned later, at a date yet to be determined.

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