The Goonies: the stranded ship that inspired the film found 327 years later!  - Cinema news

The Goonies: the stranded ship that inspired the film found 327 years later! – Cinema news

It is a fabulous discovery reported last June by National Geographic. The wreck of the ship Santo Cristo de Burgos, which ran aground in 1693 off the coast of Oregon, has been identified. It is this ship that inspired the one-eyed Willy of the Goonies!

We will not insult you by explaining to you again how much The Goonies is a cult and even transgenerational film. Among the memorable sequences is obviously the discovery of the ship of the pirate Willy le Borgne, whose inestimable value of its legendary treasure could prevent the Walsh family from being evicted from their home in Astoria.

Below, a small souvenir sequence of the band exploring the famous ship…

Imagine that the remains of the stranded ship that inspired the film have been found in a sea cave! An incredible discovery recounted at length by National Geographic in an article dated June 16. A local fisherman has indeed made it possible to discover an archaeological treasure composed in particular of a dozen wooden planks belonging to the Santo Cristo de Burgos.

In 1693, this ship, which linked Mexico to the Philippines, ran aground with its very precious cargo (silk, wax, Chinese porcelain) on the coast of Oregon, in the North-West of the United States. -United. In 2020, a local fisherman named Craig Andes contacted the Maritime Archeology Society, fearing that wooden planks he had identified years earlier in an underwater cave were being washed out to sea.

Deposited at the Columbia River Maritime Museum in the city of Astoria, these boards have been authenticated as belonging to the ship, whose remains of the wreckage have been sought for 15 years. This shows the importance of this fabulous discovery.

Especially since, as the National Geographic article states, only three shipwrecks of ships plying between the Spanish colonies of Mexico to the Philippines, between 1565 and 1815, have been identified on the coasts of the United States: that of Oregon therefore, one discovered in California US, and another in Baja California. But archaeologists have never been able to find remains of the hull, until this discovery last June.

Be that as it may, the story of the sinking of the Santo Cristo de Burgos has been told over the centuries by the native peoples of the United States. It was by coming across a story about this ship in the local press that Steven Spielberg had the idea to make the film. The Goonies.

All that remains is to find the remains of the wreck of the Santa Maria, the legendary ship of Christopher Columbus, victim of a shipwreck off the coast of Haiti, but never found…

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