Rue du Commerce prépare l’arrivée des RTX 4000 et affiche la RTX 3080 à son meilleur prix

Rue du Commerce prepares for the arrival of the RTX 4000 and displays the RTX 3080 at its best price

News good plan Rue du Commerce prepares for the arrival of the RTX 4000 and displays the RTX 3080 at its best price

While the arrival of Nvidia’s RTX 4000 series is gradually becoming clearer, we can already see a gradual drop in prices for the RTX 3000s. If you are interested in an RTX 3080, know that we can find one at a good price on Rue du Commerce now.

Nvidia: the RTX 3080 is €869 on Rue du Commerce

With the upcoming arrival of Nvidia’s 4000 series, the price of the RTX 3070s is starting to drop little by little. Knowing that we do not currently know the price at which the RTX 4000s will be marketed, nor the specifications of the latter, investing in an RTX 3070 or even an RTX 3080 may be more reassuring for the time being.

Buy Zotac’s RTX 3080 on Rue du Commerce for €869

Especially since the Zotac Gaming Force RTX 3080 Trinity has just dropped on Rue du Commerce with a displayed price of €869 under a crossed out price of €949.

More generally, if you are thinking of building a desktop PC, Rue du Commerce is a serious merchant who offers prices that are generally more competitive than what can be found with the competition.

And to lower the cost of your set-up, consider taking a look at upgrade kits which generally include a CPU with a suitable motherboard.

Nvidia: the RTX 3080 with its 10 GB allows you to play in a more immersive way

This graphics card is from the latest generation from Nvidia and is part of the second in terms of architecture. Indeed, the latter, the Ampère architecture improves the performance of the RT and Tensor cores as well as the multi-stream processors. In particular, this makes it possible to offer more realistic and immersive games.

The RTX 3080 from ZOTAC has 10 GB of onboard video memory in GDDR6X format. Overclocked, it is able to go up to a rate of 1725 Hz, against 1440 Hz for a similar card.

Taking advantage of the IceStorm 2.0 system, this card will be able to use its fans asynchronously in order to adjust the temperature as well as possible in order to preserve the components.

Notable point, this card is equipped with the LHR system which prevents the use of this component as a mining tool.

Buy Zotac’s RTX 3080 on Rue du Commerce for €869

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