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Pascal Obispo separated from Julie Hantson: she expresses her terrible grief “what sadness”!

The love life of Pascal Obispo has experienced many disturbances. Indeed, the singer first married to Isabelle Funaro in the 2000s, had separated. After that, he had a relationship with singer Jenifer. Then finally after yet another separation, he had found love again in the arms of a young woman. The latter is Julie Hantson. Their marriage will have lasted all the same seven years in spite of the 26 years of difference the couple seemed happy.

Pascal Obispo and Julie Hantson

The young woman had said “yes” to the singer on September 19, 2015 in Cap Ferret in front of all their relatives. But after seven years of marriage, it ended. Indeed, their relationship seemed to be in a bad way for some time. It must be said that the couple was often separated by distance. Pascal Obispo is a very popular singer and therefore often traveling to Paris to record new songs. It is therefore often alone that the young model lived in Cap Ferret. Shortly after the official announcement of their breakup, Pascal Obispo shared a photo of him in black and white. In the caption of the latter, he announced many new features soon to be available on his application.

It is indeed on his application that the singer shares all of his music but also animations, video clips, lives, karaoke and all kinds of content that he wishes to share.

An event that brings

It is a month after their breakup that the former spouses are reproached by a tragic event. The fires raging in Gironde ravage the region they appreciate so much. Thus, whether it is Pascal Obispo or his ex-wife, the two have decided to react on social networks. Pascal Obispo being from the region he was particularly affected by this tragedy. He first posted a photo on July 15 of the fires. In the caption of this one he said he had “no words” to comment on this. It is four days later that he publishes again. This time it’s a shirtless selfie of him in the middle of a lot of smoke. In caption of this post we can read “Small photo at #capferret a vision of #interstellar…” to allude to the well-known film by Christopher Nolan.

The sadness of Pascal Obispo and Julie Hantson

After that, he wanted to share the great sadness that won him. So he said, “How to express what we feel today as a child of the Arcachon basin… Between sadness in the face of this ecological disaster, and anger in the face of what we should have done upstream, in order to prevent and reduce this terrible disaster. Between admiration and gratitude in front of the courage of these firefighters, these pilots, these men who fight to save life and the beauty of the environment which makes us better support existence…”.

The next day it is the turn of the ex-wife of Pascal Obispo to come forward. She posts two photos. The first features a firefighter extinguishing flames in one of the orange-red tones, the color of fire. The second is a huge cloud of smoke that can be seen in the distance. With the description of these two shock images “Tribute to firefighters for their bravery and the extent of the work carried out. Thoughts to the evacuees. How sad”.

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