Marc-Olivier Fogiel: Record season for BFMTV, the departure of Jean-Jacques Bourdin... he gives himself up

Marc-Olivier Fogiel: Record season for BFMTV, the departure of Jean-Jacques Bourdin… he gives himself up

Everything Marc-Olivier Fogiel touches turns to gold. After experiencing success on television, with The sofa in particular or on the radio with among others RTL Evening and Should we remake the world (RTL), the 53-year-old has set himself a major challenge. In April 2019, he was appointed general manager of the BFMTV television channel. And, this year again, he can pride himself on being at the origin of the success of the non-stop news channel.

BFMTV has indeed broken audience records this season and thus stands out from its competitors CNews, LCI and France Info. The result of a lot of work in recent years both on the content and on the relationship that the channel has managed to establish with viewers. Asked by tvmag, Marc-Olivier Fogiel delivered his analysis of this great success. He first explained that BFMTV is more than a news channel, “it’s a general news channel“. He is proud to be able to offer slices”very identified with strong incarnations and different editorial offers which range from reporting to analysis and expertise programs, live or special evening programs“. Behind is a whole team that works hard to deliver the best possible content to the audience.

In particular, thanks to the editors-in-chief of each section and the 250 journalists, Marc-Olivier Fogiel was able to establish a relationship of trust with viewers who clearly saw that the news – which was also very rich this year between the war in Ukraine or presidential elections – was dealt with in the best possible way. “The French are looking for information that is verified, solid and that they are given the keys to understanding it. This is what they come for on BFMTV and that is what, among other things, makes me proud“, continued the husband of François Roelants. He is just as proud to have been able to capture the attention of a younger audience. “We have worked a lot on this link with the viewers. This link is based in particular on on-air experts who have won the loyalty of the public. He comes to be informed intelligently but without feeling anxious or attending sterile or even polemical debates.“, he added.

The departure of Jean-Jacques Bourdin

Mila and Lily’s dad obviously did not escape a question about the departure of Jean Jacques Bourdin after the sexual assault charges. He therefore first of all recognized that the husband of Anne Nivat had contributed to the success of the chain. But the case at the heart of which he was (the investigation was closed without further action) having repercussions on his work and on BFMTV, a decision had to be made: “He found himself unable to pursue his work serenely because a certain number of politicians, following the revelation of the opening of an investigation concerning him, decided not to come any more. We have drawn conclusions.“It is therefore Apolline de Malherbe who has since replaced him for the political interview at 8:35 a.m., a role that she will continue at the start of the school year. In addition, she will be at the helm of a daily interview which will be called Face to face.

In terms of new releases, Marc-Olivier Fogiel also wants to transform the set of First edition. Yves Calvi, who enjoyed success with Calvi 3D, will be extended until 8:30 p.m. (against 8 p.m. this season) or Aurélie Casse will be at the helm of a new program. There is no doubt that success will once again be there for BFMTV.

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