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Lego unveils the ultimate set for retrogaming fans

For the fiftieth anniversary of the Atari 2600, Lego has imagined an incredible set in the image of the retro console.

It is finally here. After the Super Mario NES kit, Lego returns for a new creation for nostalgic geeks. The brand with small bricks formalized this week an incredible set for the fiftieth anniversary of the Atari 2600 console. 2600 piecesthis tribute to retrogaming will include a reproduction of the famous gaming machine, but also three cult cartridges: Centipede, Adventure and Asteroids.

Launched in October 1977, the Atari 2600 is the third console in the history of video games to integrate game cartridges, just after the Channel F and the RCA Studio II released a few months earlier. Before her, models were often satisfied with a catalog of pre-recorded and immutable titles. With more than thirty million copies sold, the machine is also the most popular of its generation, and enjoys historic worldwide success. Despite the video game market crisis in 1983, it remained marketed in Europe and the United States until 1991.

Several easter eggs in the Lego set

For gamers from the 1980s, the build should bring quite a few memories to the surface. Especially since, as usual, Lego has an eye for detail: this new model designed by Chris McVeigh will be full of easter eggs of all kinds, from mini figurines in homage to cult console titles, to the removable facade that will reveal a typical living room of the 1980s, movie posters and roller skates included.

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Let us recall that it is moreover to the Atari 2600 console that we owe the very first known easter-egg in history. At the time, the firm refused to credit its game creators. An unfair policy, says Warren Robinett, the programmer of Adventure, who decides to hide his name in a hidden piece of the title released in 1979.

Resolutely retro, this new Lego set sold for €240 will be available from August 1st in France and the rest of the world. Go to the brand’s official website to pre-order it.

Discover the Lego Atari 2600 set

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