Kim Kardashian gives a tour inside her extravagant private jet, it's the ultimate luxury!

Kim Kardashian gives a tour inside her extravagant private jet, it’s the ultimate luxury!

It’s not a big surprise, Kim Kardashian does nothing like everyone else! So when she flies, the reality TV star takes her own comfortable private jet. In a video relayed on her social networks, she allowed her fans to visit it … and discover its best secrets!

Kim Kardashian has once again offered herself a little madness: the American billionaire has decided to buy herself… his own private jet ! A big gift from herself to herself that didn’t stop there. She chose all the interior decoration of the planefrom the materials to the colors and the arrangement of the furniture.

And for her first flight, the businesswoman invited several journalists for a visit. Asking them their opinion on the name she could give to her future plane (Kim’ Air?), she explained to them that she intended to create a whole range of objects in the same tones as her plane, including slippers because prohibition for all travelers to climb there with their shoes.

I have to say that the plane is still almost perfect : with two bathrooms, one at the front and the other at the rear of the aircraft, it has only a few soft seats, all equipped with a pillow, a blanket and a battery charger built-in telephone. But the highlight of the show wasn’t revealed until the very end of the video, during a FaceTime call from the starlet with her darling, comedian Pete Davidson.

Indeed, even if he is absent during the visit, Kim Kardashian cannot help but call him to show him how perfect the plane is. And she takes the opportunity to show the author of SNL that a part of the plane is a real bedroom… with two beds!…

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VIDEO – Kim Kardashian’s Minute

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