"It wakes up trauma": Michèle Laroque looks back on the attempted kidnapping of which she was the victim

“It wakes up trauma”: Michèle Laroque looks back on the attempted kidnapping of which she was the victim

Michèle Laroque is a jack-of-all-trades artist. Humor, comedy, song… At 62, the actress has tried her hand at almost every discipline. But after so much time spent in parentheses due to the Covid-19, the cinema took precedence. Since the start of the year, Michèle Laroque has starred in no less than 4 films, including the latest happy retirement 2 hits theaters this Wednesday, July 20. Happy with this beautiful project and the career of actress that she married for several years, Michèle Laroque savors success and success in all modesty, particularly after what she has gone through.

In an interview given to Parisian, Michèle Laroque returned to her childhood and her Romanian origins through her mother, Doïna Trandabur, dancer and violinist. The latter is also deeply affected by the Ukrainian conflict which has been raging for several months: “My mother never thought that in her lifetime she would experience another country being invaded by Russia. Even if the situation is different, it is like a step back. War awakens trauma.“And in terms of trauma, Michèle Laroque knows what she is talking about. While she was in Romania with her dad to say goodbye to her dying grandfather, the country’s secret services, in search of the mother, attempt to kidnap the little girl from their accommodation.

My mother was cut off from her family for many years, she could not see her father before his death.she says. Me, I went to Romania to meet my grandfather and at the age of 7, I was almost kidnapped by the Securitate (Romanian secret political police during the communist era)… This family history is automatically present in me.

This sad episode particularly traumatized Michèle Laroque: “It’s a child’s worst nightmare, isn’t it? To have someone come in through the window in the middle of the night. And I got this. I immediately screamed and suddenly he hesitated and left. I think it was such a trauma that I hid it a little. But I know that each time I signed for a play, I was very anxious when not at all for a film. ‘Cause actually you could tell where I was every day“, she said in An intimate ambition. A memory that the companion of François Baroin has finally managed to tame.

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