Facebook announces a redesign of its home page "next week"

Facebook announces a redesign of its home page “next week”

To counter TikTok, Mark Zuckerberg will remove the news. The homepage will be transformed into an entertaining video recommendation screen.

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Facebook users, you will have to review your habits. In a post (link in English) published Thursday, July 21, Mark Zuckerberg announces (or rather confirms) that there will be change: on your home page, you will now find recommendations of content chosen by an artificial intelligence according to your tastes.

In other words, theyour friends’ posts will be relegated to the background in a new tab baptized “Posting thread”. This is where you will have to go to consult “posts from your friends, groups (…)in chronological order”. Updates should be “rolling out internationally over the next week”, specifies Meta.

This change is not insignificant. Facebook, which is more than ever facing competition from the very popular TikTok platform, has in turn decided to highlight digital creators and entertainment on its mobile application. TikTok, a company of the Chinese group ByteDance, has indeed built its phenomenal success on its format (short videos, with special effects and catchy tunes, which easily capture attention) but also on its algorithms, which quickly identify user’s tastes to offer them content from unknown creators. SiFacebook “remains the most used in the world with 2.8 billion users”, “it struggles to seduce new generations, more attracted to Instagram, YouTube or, above all, TikTok”remember The world.

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