Eric Serra, composer of the "Big Blue", reveals to have had a "dazzling" cancer

Eric Serra, composer of the “Big Blue”, reveals to have had a “dazzling” cancer

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Composer Eric Serra revealed on Wednesday that he had “dazzling” cancer.

Eric Serra, famous composer of the soundtrack of the cult film “Le Grand Bleu”, revealed on Wednesday that he had “dazzling” cancer, in an interview with the newspaper site “Le Parisien”. “I had small bowel lymphoma. It’s lymph node cancer. He was quite dazzling, explains the 62-year-old musician. Within a few days, if I hadn’t noticed it, I might not be here to tell you about it.

What helped him during his treatment was having “talked a lot about it” with the French singer Florent Pagny, who was treated for a cancerous tumor in his lung. “It’s behind me,” he posted on Instagram on May 10. “We exchanged little messages, we called each other, says Serra. Casually, this complicity did me a lot of good, and I imagine that to him too. (…) We were talking about “chemo”, about what we felt.

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“We healed in parallel, he adds. Florent is particularly positive. Serra, who had to cancel his film-concert tour of the soundtrack of “Big Blue”, Luc Besson’s flagship film, will be able to give it in the fall.

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The composer also confides that he had to live in seclusion because the professor of medicine treating his case had warned him: “This specific cancer is the only one that is 100% incompatible with Covid. If you ever catch it before the end of the treatment, you have very little chance of getting out of it. And to tell: “A few days later, my daughter had the Covid. I lived for five months (…) cloistered completely. I did not approach my children within 3 meters”.

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