Elodie Frégé: This reality TV seducer with whom she lived a passionate story

Elodie Frégé: This reality TV seducer with whom she lived a passionate story

On May 26, Elodie Frégé made a remarkable appearance in the stands of Roland Garros, appearing publicly for the first time with her companion Grégory Nicolaidis. Before that, the one found in A flirt & a dance this Thursday, July 21, 2022, on France 2, was in a relationship with the actor Grégory Fitoussi, but also with a famous seducer from reality TV. Indeed, the 40-year-old singer had a beautiful love story with Gian Marco Tavani, the ex Bachelor.

The juror ofA flirt & a dance discussed this relationship, in November 2020, with Laury Thilleman in Come on, I’ll take you (France 3). In September 2018, Elodie Frégé had surprised during the formalization of her romance with Gian Marco Tavani. The couple had appeared together, unable to hide their complicity, during the Etam Show. Gian Marco Tavani made an impression by participating in the Bachelor then joined Stéphane Bern’s team of columnists in Kind regards from Europeon France 2. He also had a luxury brand to manage and hosted a political talk show in Italy.

A wedding project?

This romance between the former Star Academician and the Bachelor will have lasted two years. The glamorous couple did not hesitate to appear on the red carpet and their love was not to be proven. Elodie Frégé and Gian Marco Tavani had even planned to get married. “Before a long trip, never forget to look up, life’s good times are right there, ready to be picked“, had shared the lucky one on Instagram before the singer commented: “Marry me again and again and again“. A joke? While some Internet users had wondered, the former juror of Nouvelle Star had written: “The joke is the rest of the world.”

We still love each other so much

But ultimately, the passionate relationship between the two lovebirds came to an end. Is it the fault of their respective agendas? “It’s true that we are very happy togethere. At the moment, we both have very busy schedules so we see each other a little less but we still love each other so much“, had however affirmed Gian Marco Tavani to Tele-Leisure. But about the wedding, he was already cooling off, saying: “Concerning marriage or children, we let time take its course.

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