Elden Ring: only a few hours left to earn money thanks to its creativity!

Elden Ring: only a few hours left to earn money thanks to its creativity!

Game news Elden Ring: only a few hours left to earn money thanks to its creativity!

This week is the special Elden Ring modathon: a competition that seeks to reward the most creative modders on the latest from FromSoftware.


  • Elden Ring: up to $1,000 to be won!
  • Elden Ring: already many mods in shambles

Elden Ring: up to $1,000 to be won!

This week started the Elden Ring Modathon, a rather special PC competition. Players must achieve the best mods, unofficial modification of the game, through three different categories. They were presented last week and promise mods crazier than each other:

  • Category cursed ($250): a discipline in which players must integrate illogical mechanics, and confusing images for anyone who uses the mod. Roughly speakingthe spectator must be left in an uncomfortable situation.
  • Category best reskin (250 dollars): here, it will be a question of redesigning Elden Ring to give the impression that the player is immersed in another universe. For example, the organizer of the competition illustrates its point with mods allowing to play Geralt (The Witcher) or Joker (Persona 5).
  • Category Game Changer : last category and not the least since the winner will win 500 dollars. In this test, the participating modders will have to achieve something that can permanently change the experience of the game. As an example is cited a co-op mode or a randomizerwhich swaps weapon or boss locations.

Started on July 15, the competition will end tomorrow. To participate, simply publish the mod on the NexusMods site while checking the box indicating participation in the Elden Ring Modathon.

Elden Ring: already many mods in shambles

Available since February 25, Elden Ring has also been so successful thanks to the creative richness of its community. Since its release, thousands of mods have already emerged and all offer a different gaming experience. There are, indeed, those who could be called cursed : there is for example the one which replaces Agheel the Flying Dragon by Thomas the Train (creepy huh?), or even Shrek and the donkey which take the place of the Sentinel of the Tree.

As suggested by the categories above, there are obviously not only aesthetic mods. Some are there to improve the quality of the player experience: compatibility with 21/9 screens, the unlocked frame rate or even a simple mod to… pause the game. If these features are only available for PC players, it is still worth remembering that Elden Ring is also available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series and that it remains an excellent title, even without a mod.

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