"Don't forget the lyrics": who is Natasha, the Hérault maestro who has already won more than €240,000?

“Don’t forget the lyrics”: who is Natasha, the Hérault maestro who has already won more than €240,000?

For 28 shows, Natasha has been the maestro of Nagui’s show, in the evening from 6:50 p.m. on France 2, Don’t forget the lyrics. She has already earned €242,000. Cocorico, the 35-year-old candidate comes from us, from Saint-Bauzille-de-Montmel exactly, north of Montpellier. For now, it’s the best of break, before a resumption of broadcasts for August 15. Interview with a smile!

You are the current Nagui Maestro in Don’t forget the lyrics. He introduces you as living near Montpellier. Can you be more specific?

On the air, I said that I was near Saint-Mathieu-de-Tréviers. And I live in Saint-Bauzille-de-Montmel.

And you are a liberal nurse…

Yes, on Baillargues and Saint-Brès. And I do crossfit in Castries and leisure basketball in Beaulieu.

Thank you, that way we know you better. When and how did you come up with the idea of ​​participating in the show?

I applied in 2019. I wasn’t watching the show at all but during my rounds with one of my patients I saw the show and it caught my attention because there was a candidate who was passing and I knew her from the choir of my school, Les deux pins, in Frontignan. She stayed on the show for a few days and I followed her.

After a while my husband said to me: “You too know a lot of songs, why don’t you do like her?“That’s how it started. And I started working on the songs. I passed the casting in 2019. And I went on the show for the first time in January 2020. Unfortunately against the most great maestro, Margaux. Afterwards, I really revised to come back stronger and go a little further.

How do we revise for this show?

Already with the songs you know, the great classics, the great artists. You watch the show carefully because they have a recurring song base. Afterwards, you will look for the more obscure songs, the B sides, these are often the ones found to win the €20,000. It’s an apprenticeship over months and months, a little every day. There, I work there from Monday to Friday but not on weekends.

Do you play songs with your patients in Baillargues and Saint-Brès from time to time?

No, until I passed, they didn’t know at all. I do a lot of driving with my job. I put playlists and revise like that.

Do people around you know this? In Saint-Bauzille in particular?

Not particularly actually (laughs). People don’t know exactly where I come from. Except for a few patients who watched the show and are now following it. There are also sometimes stares, I understand that people recognize me but I don’t have more notoriety than that. Plus, it’s summer vacation, I don’t see many people in my village. For me, everything is normal, everything is as usual.

We saw you cry sometimes on the show. There is a lot of emotion…

I’m not necessarily emotional at first. This sequence of programs over a day of filming is quite a particular rhythm. This causes a lot of fatigue. Where we could be a little moved, when it happens at the end of the day, we cry downright. We live in condensed form. The public sees that in several days. We are in one day. At the emotional elevator level, it is quite intense. We no longer control much in terms of emotion.

You have won €242,000 so far. What does it do and what are you going to do with it?

It’s a nice sum. It will allow me to convert. I am doing my last days as a liberal nurse until mid-August. I had this project for a long time but I did not have the funding. This sum is timely. I would like to be an engineer in the prevention of climate risks. I will probably train in Montpellier. It is quite another thing yes! (laughs). And then I’m going to have fun, because I also make music. I will be able to buy equipment, make a small studio at home. It’s going to be cool. And I also promised my family a road trip to Norway, we’ll be able to do that too. And do lots of things.

How far do you plan to go on this show?

As far as possible. Already integrated into the top 10 (she is currently the 11th best maestro of the show, editor’s note). And then we’ll see.

Nagui, “he has a word to tease me, to decompress. He sees that I am under pressure”.
Air production – Clément Lepetit

Do you enjoy it? Pride? Stress?

I have a little pleasure yes but mostly stress. The smile on the screen is really a facade. It’s a difficult moment in terms of pressure. But afterwards, we give the change. Pride too, yes, that’s for sure!

What were the strongest moments. We saw you being 100 points behind and you won. It was not obvious!

Yes that one, it was a great victory. A nice comeback as they say. It was sure “Another story”, by Gerard Blanc. I didn’t expect to hold it. I said to myself : “it’s now or never !” At the time, I doubted but I said to myself: “you do it all, now is the time”.

You also moved the public on Chanson pour l’Auvergnat…

Yeah, I didn’t think I’d finish it. The last time I had heard her was at my father’s funeral. He passed away in January. When I saw this song displayed, I said to myself that I was bound to plant myself. And then the same, I ended it in tears but I ended it. It was truly a special show. To concentrate, I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, there was the audience in front of me who was also in tears. It was the mega atmosphere! (laughs) And right after I won €20,000. In terms of emotions, it was really very strong (she blows).

What is your relationship with Nagui?

Nagui remains very professional. We don’t talk much between two shows since he has to read his files. But every time we finish a show, he has a word to tease me, to decompress. He sees that I’m under pressure, he sends me two, three galéjades to relax the atmosphere. He’s quite human and quite funny.

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