discover which famous series is inspired by Swedish fiction

discover which famous series is inspired by Swedish fiction

The excellent series RealHumans is rebroadcast this summer on Arte. To see or see again for the disturbing parallel reality that it offers. We tell you more about the sources of inspiration.

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The disturbing portholes of RealHumans return to colonize the Arte grid, almost ten years after their unprecedented appearance. With two seasons, the Swedish series created by Lars Lundström (and which was entitled to an Anglo-American remake) will be on the air this summer on a weekly basis from Thursday July 21 for a rebroadcast with four episodes per evening. Remember, this dystopia recounts, in a world close to ours, the complex cohabitation between humans and hubots (human robots) who resemble us like two drops of water and have the advantage of replacing us in domestic tasks. Larger than life, some of these humanoids however have dreams of emancipation which make all the salt of the scenario.

Inspired by… Desperate Housewives and True Blood

The creator of RealHumans, Lars Lundström, assumes the reference to the American series. “The first two seasons are very successful in my opinion, they managed to find a good balance between soap and mystery. Desperate Housewives was really a good inspiration because that’s exactly what we wanted to do with RealHumans : from comedy, soap, to move towards drama, suspense, almost to horror. It was this cross-over between genres that really motivated me”. Another series source of inspiration for the creator, True Blood and his very human vampires. “A series that did not explain the world in which we find ourselves, the viewer is immediately immersed in it.”

Robots more than human

Obviously, we are not teaching you anything by telling you that the hubots in the series are not real! But surprisingly, to imagine these damn human machines of the future, Lars Lundström did not spend hours in the company of scientists specializing in the matter. “I met a few specialists, but the current advances in robotics really have nothing to do with what we show on the screen. They are still so far from the level of sophistication of hubots, I don’t know if they will ever be able to make such sophisticated robots.“. When fiction surpasses reality! The hubots are therefore real actors who have passed through the expert hands of a make-up artist and who have worked on their acting with a mime artist in order to robotize them.

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