Diablo IV: the game offered against a tattoo?

Diablo IV: the game offered against a tattoo?

news tip Diablo IV: the game offered against a tattoo?

For some time now, Blizzard’s reputation has clearly taken a hit and this has been confirmed with the recent release of Diablo Immortal, which has been violently criticized for the choice of its economic model. So Blizzard tries to redeem itself with the public and competes in inventive ways to convince fans to give them another chance.

A campaign that has caused a lot of ink to flow

As we told you, Diablo Immortal dealt a big blow to Blizzard’s reputation and while Diablo IV will be released soon, many players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the license, or even their desire not to buy this game.

So, to make fans of the license want to take the plunge, on the side of Blizzard we had an idea that is quite special. Indeed, against a tattoo related to the Diablo license, you can leave with the digital version of the game, as well as access to a future beta.

If this campaign ever interests you, know all the same that it is not possible to make this tattoo anywhere or even to claim that you already have a tattoo related to the license. Indeed, you need a new tattoo, on very specific dates and in partner salons.

The majority of salons are in the USA and none in Francebut if you ever planned to go for a walk this summer and get a tattoo related to Diablo, we leave you the complete list, as well as the dates below:

  • July 23 at the Mayday Tattoo Co in Chicago
  • July 30 at Inked NYC in New York
  • August 6th at Tilltheendtattoos in Miami
  • August 13 at Noire Ink Studio in London
  • August 18 at Das Kabinett in Berlin
  • September 3 at the Occulus Tattoo in Melbourne
  • September 10 at the Little Tokyo Tattoo in Sydney

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