Could you run Spider-Man on PC?

Could you run Spider-Man on PC?

On the menu of the Daily for this July 21, 2022, we will start with FIFA 23, the very last FIFA overseen by Electronic Arts, the end of an era. We’ll continue with PlayStation’s Spider-Man looming on PC and revealing its configurations, so you’ll see if you can run it properly. And finally, we will end with Discord, the messaging system for players, which is finally coming to Xbox. The Daily is on!

Need a $7,000 PC for Spider-Man?

Expected for August 12, 2022, Spider-Man Remastered reveals its configurations. If you want to run the game to the max, so in “ultimate ray tracing” and in 4K60FPS rendering, you will need to have a powerful machine. On the graphics card side, you will need a GeForce 3080 or a Radeon 6950XT, the best on the market today. The game calls for an Intel i7 12700K or AMD Ryzen 9 5900X as the processor. And all with 32 gigs of RAM to keep it going.

FIFA 23 unveils its new features

The FIFA 23 episode will be the last designed by the Electronic Arts teams, since the franchise is changing publishers. And for the latter, EA has gone all out. Level French commentators, we find Omar Da Fonseca and Benjamin Da Silva. On the team side, we will have the pleasure of seeing the national women’s teams compete for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, while the men’s teams will fight to win the 2022 World Cup, which will be held in Qatar. Cross Play between all machines is also coming.

Discord is coming to Xbox

After a remarkable arrival on Playstation, Discord finally arrives on Xbox. A text and voice chat system already exists on Xbox, but the advantage of going through Discord is to be able to organize crossplay groups, without having to go through the voice chat of a specific game. To set up the service, go to the guide menu on your console, then on Groups and Chat, click on Try Discord voice chat on Xbox. You will have access to a QR code that you can flash via your Discord mobile application in order to synchronize your two accounts.

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