Claire Chazal: Her precious vacation with a famous journalist, to whom she is very close

Claire Chazal: Her precious vacation with a famous journalist, to whom she is very close

Claire Chazal can finally breathe and go on vacation. And like every year it’s with a famous journalist, which she is very close to, that she is going to experience this summer break. This Thursday, July 21, 2022, at the microphone of Europe 1, the 65-year-old journalist also made a nice statement to the latter, Marc-Olivier Fogiel. In the show The summer clubas spotted by Gala.frthe 65-year-old journalist spoke about their holidays, after her friend sent her a quick note.

Now it’s time to pack your suitcase and join me tomorrow on vacation, as agreed, in the Arcachon basinsaid Claire Chazal on the air. We are waiting for you, we kiss you hard.“While the fires are beginning to be controlled in Gironde, some are finally being able to return to their homes. The duo of friends has therefore obviously planned to keep their habits and go to the basin. Marc-Olivier Fogiel had sent him a little message, congratulating her on her “bright year” at the controls of the programs The Passage of the Arts and The Grand Exchequer.

She is the godmother of her eldest daughter, Mila

Congratulations that made him “very, very nice to hear“, she who is so close to Marc-Olivier Fogiel since he even chose her to be the godmother of his eldest daughter, Mila. The mother of François, son she had with Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, also confided to having “the chance to be regularly invited to his home for a short week“. In this house in the Arcachon basin, she finds her friend, but also her husband François Roelants, as well as their two daughters, Mila, who was born in 2011 and Lily, born two years later, as his sister, with the help of the same American surrogate.”They love this place and so do I“, she said about her long-awaited vacation. As for their friendship, it is no longer to be proven over all these years. “He is a very dear friend“, indicated Claire Chazal admitting it’s a fact”rare“to be able to keep such ties in this environment.”He is very kind to me. I need his opinion all the time. He was a great help to me“, she had already confided about their precious relationship, in the columns of TV Magazine.

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