Charlotte Valandrey in a relationship with Yann Moix: revelations about their relationship and a marriage proposal

Charlotte Valandrey in a relationship with Yann Moix: revelations about their relationship and a marriage proposal

Charlotte Valandrey died on July 13, 2022, at the age of 53, at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. After contracting HIV at the age of 17, the former actress of tomorrow belongs to us or some Tailpiece, judge and cop, – whose funeral took place in complete privacy on July 19 – took a treatment that weakened his heart. After a new transplant and a third heart, she did not survive. She thus left behind her daughter Tara (22 years old, the fruit of her former union with Arthur Lecaisne), as well as many relatives, in deep sadness. Among them, Yann Moix who made revelations about their relationship, with Paris Match (July 21 edition).

Charlotte Valandrey is dead. This sentence makes me die a little“, writes the former columnist ofWe are not in bed about the late actress he considered the sister he should have had. A woman for whom he however felt love at first. He knew Charlotte Valandrey long before he actually met her. When he was just a high school student, Yann Moix went to the Salle du Martrois, in Orléans, to see the film Red Kiss in which she was playing. In this cinematographic work released in 1985, she played Nadia, a rebellious 15-year-old girl who militates in communist youth with several comrades. During a demonstration, she meets Stéphane, a photographer from Paris Matchwhich will upset the feelings and political commitments of the young woman.

Yann Moix madly in love

Seeing her, Yann Moix “decided to fall madly in love” of this girl”with a diaphanous complexion, a plump lip, sulky pouts, a sunken forehead” and who was his age. He loved her house”disobedience to all, this refusal of numbers, this holy horror of connivance and attention“. He then began to collect film or television magazines in which she was. The 54-year-old man only thought of Charlotte Valandreybut dared not write to him at the time.

Then the time passed and Yann Moix used the pretext of adapting his first novel jubilation to the sky (released in 1996 by Grasset editions) to meet her to offer him a role. “A week later, she asked me to marry ; already frightened by this sacrament, (…) I refused, panicked. She had fun and persecuted me, I who had loved her almost always, with her keenest attention. She cried out for love and wanted to be consumed by it.”, can we read. One evening in 1997, Charlotte Valandrey came to sleep at his place. He told her all about the love that had consumed him for all those years. They eventually had a relationship. A romance that did not last, however. But that in no way tainted their beautiful bond.

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