Charlotte Valandrey: Her breakup with Yann Moix "who didn't want her because of death"

Charlotte Valandrey: Her breakup with Yann Moix “who didn’t want her because of death”

July 13, 2022 will forever remain a sad date for those close to Charlotte Valandrey. That day, when she was only 53 years old, the actress of tomorrow belongs to us and Tailpiece, judge and cop took his last breath at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. After contracting HIV at the age of 17, the mother of Tara (22 years old, fruit of her former union with Arthur Lecaisne) took a treatment which weakened her heart. After a new transplant, his “third heart did not live“As one of his relatives said in an Instagram story, the day of his death. They paid tribute to him during his funeral which took place on July 19 in the town of Pléneuf-Val-André. Yann Moix, one of his close friends, honored him in the last issue of Paris Match (July 21 edition) and made revelations about their relationship.

These are confidences without taboo, but above all heartbreaking, that Yann Moix made to our colleagues. Thus, readers learned that the former columnist ofWe are not in bed had fallen madly in love with Charlotte Valandrey when he saw her for the first time at the cinema, in Red Kiss, in 1985. Very quickly, he therefore only thought of her and collected the film or television magazines in which she was found. He had not dared to contact her, until the day he offered her to play in the adaptation of his first novel jubilation to the sky (released in 1996 by Grasset editions). After a first meeting in a bistro and a marriage proposal (rejected), they saw each other again. And one evening in 1997, Charlotte Valandrey came to sleep at his house. They eventually had a relationship.

The reason for their breakup

A romance that did not last, however, and Yann Moix explained why. That famous evening when she was at his house, Charlotte Valandrey asked him: “Do you know my secret? If he pretended not to know anything, the 54-year-old man had been warned a week earlier by an actor, to whom he offered to play with Tara’s mother in his adaptation, that the one who he loved had contracted HIV. “He had perforated my stomach by hitting me in the most violent way possible (…) ‘Charlotte Valandrey? You’re crazy, forget she has AIDS !'”, he confided. That day, the companion of Akiko Suwanai came home in tears and stopped to vomit in a trash can. “The extravagant brutality of the mating had annihilated me“, he continued.

Yann Moix found it hard to believe, especially when he was faced with a positive woman who was enjoying life to the fullest. He has then first was”in denial“. But when Charlotte Valandrey asked him this famous question, the pain woke up again. and he understood that “the virus was there”. The actress told her what had happened to her. “I didn’t have the strength to tell her that henceforth love between her and me would be impossible. I behaved like a coward. Never, I thought, could I spend my life with AIDS, his life becoming mine. She understood it in a flash and in another flash, she forgave me. I belonged, her instinct had told her, to the craven category of lovers who were withdrawing, who did not want her because of death, who refused to block their future as one blocks a dike“, he confessed. Then was born their beautiful friendship. And on July 13, it was not a friend, but a sister that he lost forever.

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