Charlotte Valandrey, discreet funeral in Pléneuf-Val-André

Charlotte Valandrey, discreet funeral in Pléneuf-Val-André



Charlotte Valandrey’s funeral was held privately on Tuesday July 19 in Pléneuf-Val-André, Côtes-d’Armor.

A funeral in the greatest privacy. On July 13, Charlotte Valandrey died at the age of 53. When his death was announced, many personalities paid tribute to him. A few days later, Tuesday July 19, the actress was buried in Pléneuf-Val-André, a Breton town where she spent her holidays and which had inspired her artist name. Grouped behind the security barriers, under the surveillance of “a few police officers”, the public welcomed the funeral procession in “the greatest reverence”. A last “sober” and “very simple” tribute, “without the television cameras” and in the image of the actress, as reported by “Le Penthièvre”.

Funeral of Charlotte Valandrey

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Present at the ceremony: his daughter Tara (22), his sister Aude and his father Jean-Pierre Pascal, who delivered moving speeches during the ceremony. “He’s the strongest person I knew, with the greatest rage to live,” said the one who nicknamed her mother “Mouna”. And to add, moved: “His freedom has finally been returned to him, his fight is finally over”. “We will remember the happy days of our childhood in Val-André, with our grandparents. We realize today that this time was one of the most carefree and happiest,” said his sister.

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Charlotte Valandrey was mainly known for her roles in “Rouge Baiser” (1985), then in the series “Les Cordier, judge et cop”, as well as in the soap opera “Tomorrow belongs to us”, where she had played judge Laurence Moiret until ‘in 2020. She had lived for many years with HIV, chaining treatments and heart transplants.

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