Brad Pitt soon to retire?  He answers !  - Cinema news

Brad Pitt soon to retire? He answers ! – Cinema news

On the poster for “Bullet Train” on August 3, Brad Pitt returned to his remarks to GQ magazine and affirms that he is not retiring.

Last June, Brad Pitt announced to the GQ magazine who asked him about his career, which he considered “close to the end”. The 58-year-old actor then specified “This is my last semester or quarter. What will this section be made of? How do I want to shape it? I do not know.”

Brad Pitt: soon to retire for the star of Bullet Train?

Currently in the middle of a promotional tour for the action film Bullet Train, the actor returned to his remarks. At a press conference in Paris, he said:

That’s not what I meant… What I meant was that I’m already facing the home stretch, the final season.

The actor who received the Oscar for best actor in 2020 for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s film Once upon a time in Hollywood then clarifies that the question he asks himself is “How do I want to spend this time?“. But that the spectators are reassured, the actor of Fight Club insists: “In any case, nothing to do with retirement“.

Brad Pitt will therefore continue to work, whether as an actor or producer via his company Plan B.

Many projects to come

He will also be the headliner of Damien Chazelle’s next film (La La Land), Babylon alongside Margot Robbie and will then find his accomplice George Clooney for a thriller directed by Jon Watts, director of Spider-Man with Tom Holland. The two stars will also produce this film, which will be broadcast on Apple+, through their companies Smokehouse Pictures and Plan B Entertainment.

Brad Pitt should then play a racing driver who comes out of retirement to serve as a mentor to a young driver under the direction of Joseph Kosinski to whom we owe Top Gun 2.

The Thelma & Louise actor also produces numerous films, including She Said, which looks back on the investigation by journalists from the New York Times which brought down producer Harvey Weinstein, as well as Sarah Polley’s drama Women Talking and Andrew Dominik’s long-awaited Blonde, a retelling of Marilyn Monroe’s life starring Ana de Armas in the lead role.

A busy schedule that proves that Brad Pitt does not seem ready to retire.

In the meantime, the actor will be the star of the action movie bullet train by his friend and former stunt double David Leitch, in cinemas from August 3.

Adapted from the novel Maria Beetle by Kotaro Isaka, the film follows Ladybug, an unlucky assassin determined to accomplish his new mission. But fate has decided otherwise and takes him on the fastest train in the world alongside formidable adversaries who all have one thing in common, but whose interests diverge radically… He must then try by all means to to get off the train.

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