Box office France: Thor 4 makes lightning speak - Actus Ciné

Box office France: Thor 4 makes lightning speak – Actus Ciné

Thor Love and Thunder takes the lead in the French box office for its first week of operation. He manages to keep Les Minions 2 at bay, another big locomotive of this summer 2022.



This week of high temperatures, boosted by the July 14 public holiday, will have enabled Thor 4 to rise to the top of the French box office, exceeding one million admissions.

Thus, the Marvel blockbuster gathers 1,150,926 fans, exceeding the scores of the first and the 3rd opus. Love and Thunder is just behind The Dark World, which attracted 1,159,433 spectators in 2013.

The film ranks among the best starts of 2022, precisely in the 6th position of the current year. In front of him we find Top Gun: Maverick (1,529,608 tickets sold), Doctor Strange 2 (1,438,287), Minions 2 (1,360,765), Jurassic World 3 (1,299,065) and The Batman (1,165,588).

Moreover, the second episode of the Minions is holding its own in second place, attracting more than 600,000 new viewers for its second week. It thus exceeds the milestone of 2 million torn tickets.

Ducobu President rises to the 3rd step of the podium. This 4th part of the franchise carried by Elie Semoun claims the score of 295,000 tickets sold. This is the worst start to the saga, just behind the first opus and its 353,000 curious people.

The record is still held by Les vacances de Ducobu and its 532,000 admissions in the first week. As for Ducobu 3, it had started with 399,000 spectators. Another novelty to propel itself to the top of the ranking: Liarnew comedy by Olivier Baroux with Tarek Boudali.

With 242,000 fans, the film does better than Just A Gigolo (133,000), the director’s last feature film outside of the Tuches. The latest installment in the saga, released last December, attracted more than 852,000 aficionados in its first week.

The behemoths of summer 2022, Top Gun Maverick, Jurassic World 3 and Buzz Lightningcontinue to stay in the top 10. Note the good performance ofElviswhich should pass the million admissions mark soon.

At the bottom of the ranking, The Night of 12drama carried by Bouli Lanners, outweighs Jérôme Commandeur and his Irreduciblewho is beginning to show signs of shortness of breath.

Thor 4 as seen by Taika Waititi, Christian Bale and Natalie Portman

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