"Beijing Express: shock duos": "War is declared" between Valérie Trierweiler and Inès Reg

“Beijing Express: shock duos”: “War is declared” between Valérie Trierweiler and Inès Reg

“We decide that today there will be no final duel. The situation is not unprecedented. But remains rare over the sixteen seasons of the program. At the end of the third stage of “Beijing Express: shock duos”, broadcast this Wednesday on M 6, the influencer Just Riadh and his friend Abdallah Charki preferred to give up the adventure rather than face another pair . “We want to look in the mirror when we go home, justified in tears the comrade of the videographer. We can’t make a choice, it’s real. We couldn’t do otherwise. »

Above all, the duo has already had a final duel. Last week, they faced disabled swimmer Théo Curin and his manager Anne Bayard. And if they had triumphed, their victory was tinged with a real sadness to see their friends leave. This Wednesday, once again arriving in last position after a race strewn with setbacks, the influencer and his comrade therefore did not want to choose between the duo formed by the ex-Miss France Rachel Legrain-Trapani with his companion Valentin Léonard and that of comedian Inès Reg and her sister Anaïs.

Two new best enemies

But at the top of the rankings, the competition is fierce. Because, already halfway through the adventure, the candidates see a potential arrival in the final taking shape. And among them, the journalist and former First Lady Valérie Trierweiler and her friend Karine Fournier. Determined, both now have a partner in their sights: Inès Reg and Anaïs. A rivalry noticed during the immunity test, during which a member of each duo had to hold at arm’s length trays filled with tea by their opponents.

A time concerned about Xavier Domergue, Valérie Trierweiler finally decided to direct her best friend to the comedian, determined to make her lose. “War has been declared”, confided the ex-companion of François Hollande. Enough to enrage his new best enemy. However, at the end of the stage, the doyennes prevailed and won their first victory. But there is no doubt that the match has only just begun…

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