Beijing Express 2022: A duo abandons the competition, Internet users in shock

Beijing Express 2022: A duo abandons the competition, Internet users in shock

Wednesday, July 20, Beijing Express: shocking duos was back on M6 for the third stage of the competition. Inès Reg and her sister Anaïs, Valérie Trierweiler and her best friend Karine, the influencer Riadh and her best friend Abdallah, the ex-Miss (2007) Rachel Legrain-Trapani and her companion Valentin Léonard (who is not unanimous ) and sports commentators Xavier Domergue and Yoann Riou were still in the race. And, at the end of the show, viewers witnessed a twist.

Like last week, Riadh and Abdallah were the last to present themselves in front of Stéphane Rotenberg during an event. They were therefore the ones who had to play the final duel. They had to choose who they were going to face between Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Valentin Léonard or Ines Reg and Anaïs. A very difficult decision for the duo who have already experienced the departure of Théo Curin and Anne badly last week after their victory against them. The two friends have preferred to give up the competition.

Today there will be no final duel, it’s too hard to choose“, Riadh first confided. And Abdallah continued: “We are going to leave. We want to look in the mirror when we go home. We cannot make a choice.“A decision that shocked the other two pairs and made Rachel Legrain-Trapani shed a few tears. On several occasions, Stéphane Rotenberg or their competitors asked them if they were sure to give up. “We are sure of our decision“, therefore concluded the influencer.

On social networks, Internet users were just as amazed but also sad to see this pair leave so soon. “Abdallah and Riadh are the best candidates for #PekinExpress. They did not want to sacrifice teams and leave with their big hearts”, “Riadh and Abdallah mash :(“, “Riadh and Abdallah in the Pantheon of pairs with a mentality, a remarkable and irreproachable state of mind. Frankly, you are really very good guys”, “I understand Riadh and Abdallah’s decision but I wanted a final duel to make the suspense last I’m a little disappointed #PekinExpress #riadh #abdallah”, “Frankly Abdallah and Riadh shocked by the choice! But given the past week and this choice they have a huge heart!“, we were able to read in particular.

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