Thierry Lhermitte

Thierry Lhermitte at worst: his summer turns into a nightmare because of his state of health!

Recently, Thierry Lhermitte was declared to have Covid-19. A radical situation that the man admits to having experienced very badly. And in a new unpublished interview, he decides to come back to this subject. He’s still having trouble getting over it. Moreover, certain illnesses can turn into a real trauma and this is particularly the case with this actor. Want to know more details about the story? See you in the following lines!

Thierry Lhermitte: a renowned artist!

Thierry Lhermitte is currently 69 years old. As a reminder, this is an actor who made his debut in the years 1973. We had the opportunity to see him on the front of the stage in several essential titles.

To name a few, there was for example “Les bronzés” released in 1978. Or in “An Indian in the city” or “Joyeuse Retraite“.

If you want to meet Thierry Lhermitte in person, know that you can find him at famous Avignon Festival. An opportunity that fans of the comedian will not miss to attend!

Moreover, the man will be present at the event until July 30, 2022. You will have the privilege of seeing him interpret the story of an Austrian survivor of the Shoah in the play Fleurs de soleil.

He is not ready to forgive this detail!

Fleurs de soleil is a play whose main theme is forgiveness. However, it turns out that Thierry Lhermitte is not yet able to forget the ordeal he experienced because of the covid!

The virus had made him see all the colors. Moreover, he opened up a little more on the subject during an interview he gave to Parisian on Monday July 18. It is indeed to be noted that this illness had deeply exhausted him.

To date, Thierry Lhermitte has let it be known that he has contracted the virus! traumatized by the latter, the man emphasizes having had a lot of trouble recovering from it!

Especially since his age, which is already more or less advanced, does not help him much. Having been in a state of severe vulnerability, the symptoms the comedian faced were fatal for him.

Thierry Lhermitte: deprived of all his passions!

The Covid had in particular brought down all the projects of Thierry Lhermitte. Including the festival to which the man finds himself as a guest at the moment. Due to health concerns, he had no choice but to cancel all their performances. He only resumed a few days later!

Thierry Lhermitte said feel very tired ! But since it’s a project that was close to his heart, he tried somehow to give the maximum. “I was unable to play, and then, it’s forbidden […] but it’s better, ”he added!

In addition, the fragility of his state of health does not allow him to walk around the pretty town of Avignon. Fans of the comedian, however, hope that things will get better as soon as possible for the man.

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