Harry et Meghan

Meghan Markle and Harry on the verge of divorce? Terrible argument within the couple, what happened?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make their marital problem public. It should be noted that a video circulated on social networks showing the latter in an uncomfortable situation. We note that the author of this publication is none other than the site of the royalinstablog! In other words, the online media that takes care of covering every exclusive in the lives of members of the royal family. This news that he has just conveyed to the public suggests that the couple of Prince William’s younger brother is flapping! Is it true ? We explain to you!

Harry and Meghan of England do they have difficulties on a daily basis?

The couple Harry and Meghan Markle are direct relatives of the royal family of England. It should be noted that the first quoted is the blood brother of the Crown Prince of England. As a reminder, we refer to Prince William of Cambridge!

However, this young couple has become a bit distant from this family because of a certain conflict. What prompted them to to relocate in the USA for a fresh start ! What was the origin of the problem?

It has been discovered that Harry and Meghan’s marriage was frowned upon by some of Elizabeth II’s clansmen. As Lady Diana’s son insisted so much on marrying her, everyone watched the scene without saying a word!

To this end, the wedding of this couple took place in May 2018. Right after their wedding, they decided to move to England to avoid confusion. Despite the hardships they have experienced since their union, we thought they could handle everything in life ! However, we were on the wrong track!

The couple seems to have been cold for a while!

By repeatedly proclaiming his love for the actress, we really believed that their feeling was mutual. After discovering the very famous video showing Harry and Meghan Markle in the middle of an argument, another facet of the couple has been revealed to the world!

This made it possible to realize that the parents of Lilibet and Archie are close to a separation! In the video, we see the actress release her husband’s hand several times at the same time Ui wanted to make a tender gesture.

The latter faced with this contempt does not decline a word, but only reflects a disoriented mine. What happened to the couple Harry and Meghan? Internet users are unable to identify the problem!

To show their solidarity with the Prince of England, they begin to comment on the video at the bottom saying “Harry needs help”, “Why is he so unhappy? “, “It’s scary”, “I’m not an expert in relationships, but it’s not normal”, and “He never seems happy or relaxed with her”!

Harry and Meghan: The circumstance of their marriage was a nasty manipulation!

It is true that at the beginning of their relationship, Harry and Meghan Markle broadcast the image of the happy couple, in love and fusion.

Time wasted no time in erasing this pink image from the board. The publication of this video in public already marked the first stage of their breakup !

A few days later, it was also discovered that the union of Harry and Meghan was also the result of a plot orchestrated by the actress.

By becoming aware of the talent of Achille du prince, the young woman coaxed him to lure him into her net. It is said that the latter’s wife pretended to be a reincarnation of her mother to seduce him!

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